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Twitch: A Growing Social Media

Image blog WebSelfFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Today it seems that these three important social media cannot be replaced. Nevertheless, nothing is eternal as we saw in our articles Websites that marked history. Some new players want to join the game. Unless you like video games, it might be possible that you do not know Twitch, one of these newcomers. Very specialized, this new social media is based on video game players, as well as popular games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, Minecraft and League of Legends.

Switch? Twist? No, Twitch!

Of course, Twitch is not aimed at everyone, unlike mass medium. Twitch, which is owned by Amazon since 2014, is a live streaming video platform. It is possible to watch people play their favorite games, whether it is popular ones, recent, or old, and this live. A channel visitor can comment and interact with the player. If it might look boring as a social media, you must know that according to statistics, Twitch has now more than 100 million monthly active users. Its number does not stop growing, especially among people under 25 years old. We then suggest you take this Amazon property seriously.

Besides creating live videos and a community, Twitch allows its partners to be paid. In fact, a visitor can decide to subscribe to a channel for $4.99 USD a month. A visitor can also make a donation in bits (Twitch’s virtual currency). Although a percentage goes automatically to Amazon, it seems to be easier for partners to monetize their content with Twitch than with YouTube. However, there are some requirements to meet before being a Twitch partner and consequently to make money.

But Should I Be on Twitch?

To start with, is your website or your products related to the video game industry or technologies? If the answer is no, Twitch might not be the best social media for you. However, we invite you to take a look at it if you want to aim the age range of people under 25 years old that like video games. Some Twitch partners could also be interested in partnerships or advertisement.

If, however, your website is related to video games, it could be interesting to have your own channel. Since it is the case on most social media, you often need time and discipline in order to become popular, however. For instance, in order to become a Twitch partner and make money, there are several rules you need to follow including streaming at least a specific number of hours. You do not necessarily have to play a game live, you can also have a news program if you want. Moreover, you need to know how to entertain your audience so they subscribe to your channel and so forth you make money and increase your authority.

Steps in Order to Have Your Own Twitch Channel

There are a few steps to follow if you want to have your own Twitch channel. First, you need to create your Twitch account and then choose streaming software. There are many, however, the most frequently mentioned by many websites are OBS, which is free, and Xsplit, which is not free. You can easily start with the free software to see if you like being on Twitch and then upgrade if needed. You will also need a microphone and a green screen to mask the room where you will stream. You can surely take a look at the different channels and ask questions to the partners regarding what they like and use.

When you have your own channel, it is recommended to have a regular schedule so people can find you and watch you easily. You also need to find the right game to stream. Would it be the latest game? A retro video game? There is something for everyone on Twitch! On another note, although we suggest you choose a game you like, it is not necessary to choose the newest game since it will probably be played on other bigger channels. If it is the case, try to find what makes you unique. Do not hesitate to use other social media to announce your streamings too.

Some Examples of Popular Twitch Channels

There are obviously some leagues channels which are very popular, however, some independent streamers can claim to have enough incomes from Twitch to live. It is the case of the famous Twitch partner Ninja (his real name is Tyler Blevins), who masters Battle Royal games such as Fortnite. He cumulated more than 200,000 million viewed hours in 2018. Ninja also receives on average $500,000 per month for his streamings (he is the most lucrative Twitch partner in Twitch history, his estimated net worth is more than $3.5 million). Other popular Twitch streamers are Shroud, which is a former Cloud9 player (worth $1 million), DrDisRespect, an award-winner gamer (worth $500,000), as well as Canadian KittyPlays, which is one of the best female players (worth $300,000).

To conclude, as you may have noticed, Twitch should not be taken lightly. As mentioned above, Twitch is an interesting medium if you want to reach video games enthusiasts or if you want to create streamings in order to increase your authority and your community. You do not have to be the best player to stream since the most important element is your authenticity. We then invite you once again to take a look at the different channels to make your mind!