How to Increase Your Productivity

How to Increase Your Productivity

It might be more tempting to enjoy a terrace than to work at your office inside. Whether it is during a beautiful day or a period of time where you are not motivated, it is easy to put aside your work for some leisure time. How can you become a more productive person? What concrete actions can you take in order to avoid the blank page syndrome? We find 6 potential solutions to help you be more productive!

Look for a good working environment

First, let’s go back to basics. What does your working environment look like? Is it a closed and calm office located far from all distractions? Is it located in a noisy open space where it is hard to concentrate? Try to isolate yourself from all distraction and set aside a special space to work to make sure that you are productive. Furthermore, do you like your office? Make this place enjoyable by adding colors and personal touches. It will then be more inspiring to stay a lot of hours working there. You should also have all the needed tools within easy reach.

Make some lists

It might be difficult to start working when we do not know where to start. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all deadlines and things to do; therefore, why not start your work by making a list? This rather obvious trick can help you put your ideas in order, visualize the work to be done and establish your game plan. Take into consideration the time needed, the due dates, and the difficulty of the works you have to do and then plan them according to the time of day where you are the most productive. Thus, are not we pleased to take off a task from our list?

 Have smart objectives

Another way to improve your productivity is to use smart objectives. For this to happen, you can use the SMART method in order to aim for good goals, as well as motivating ones. To summarize it briefly, the SMART method is to create an objective while keeping in mind these 5 rules: specific, measurable, ambitious, realist, and timely. To start with, it is important to create a simple objective related to your work. It must also be measurable, in a quantifiable way in order to follow it more easily. It must also have an end date. Finally, your objective must be both a challenge and humanly possible. It will be easier to be productive if you have clear and motivating objectives.

Work on one task at a time

It can be very tempting to work on many tasks at the same time, especially if you have a lot of customers or projects to manage. Did you know that you would be more productive if you focus on only one task at the time? In fact, many studies show that most of the time people are more productive and are achieving their work faster when they work on one thing at once than the opposite. When you work on many tasks, your mind is not fully focused on what is in front of you. Moreover, if you take 5 minutes to answer an e-mail, and another 5 minutes to get some coffee, it will take you some precious time to get focused back on what you were working at first.

Learn how to delegate

It is impossible to be great in everything; therefore, why do you lose your time to do tasks that affect your productivity? Besides being tasks that are not your thing, if you do them regularly it can affect your motivation for the remaining tasks. Why do you take the time to translate a document in French if you are not bilingual, for instance? Can you ask a colleague who is a fluent French speaker for some help? If you can, save your time for work you like and that you are good at.

Take the time to rest

Finally, it is important to take some breaks and rest from time to time in order that you are always in optimal shape. You cannot be productive 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Your body and your mind need a few moments of rest to recharge your batteries. It is also recommended to take some small breaks during work days. Moreover, it will be easier to be more productive and focussed on the things you need to do if you sleep well. Your sleep is an important ally not to neglect if you want to improve your productivity.

In conclusion, we hope that these tips will allow you to achieve everything you want, including your stunning website with WebSelf. Make sure to have a quiet place where to work, take the time to do lists and motivating objectives, and then take some breaks from time to time. It will be easier to be more productive if you are well organized because there will consequently be less waste of time. Are you now ready to leap? We wish you much success in your new projects!