How to Choose the Best Template for Your Website

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Is it the first time you create a website? Do not worry, everything is going to be all right. The first step of making a website is to choose a template to customize. WebSelf is proud to tell you that we have more than 200 available templates ready to be used! It might be difficult to choose only one with all this quantity. What can you do in order to choose the best template for your website? Let’s start with some questions.

What Are Your Needs and the Main Goal of Your Website?

Why do you need a website? Is it to present your business? Is it to have an online shop or a blog? Do you need to have a place where you can show your pictures or projects? Do you need a website with a lot of different pages or do you need only one page to present yourself? It is important to know your needs before starting the creation of your website. You will then be able to choose a template that has already all the necessary elements. For instance, some templates are better for blogs, while others are perfect to be your online resume. Did you have thought about how many pages you need or the content of these pages? You can surely create a plan for your website with all the pages, sections, and elements you want to add. This could help you during your template search.

In which industry do you operate? Are you working as an accounting consultant or do you own a fancy restaurant? Keep in mind who you are and your needs during the creation of your website. WebSelf has divided its templates into categories to help you find the best one for you quickly. In fact, you can find website templates according to their release date, their popularity, as well as their fields of activity like businesses, restaurants & food, blogs, and sport & recreation. Of course, you can take a template from another category than your industry; however, we suggest you take a look at it first. You might be inspired by some of them!

Who Is Your Targeted Audience?

You need to know who your targeted audience is before making a final decision. For whom are you making this website? Is it for young people looking for a good recipe? If it is the case, it would probably be interesting to use a template where you can add a lot of pictures. Alternatively, is it for potential customers that work in liberal professions? Remember to add a place where you can show testimonies from your past clients. Thus, when you will look at the templates, you need to choose one that your targeted audience will like whether it is because of the look or the content. Know that you can also modify all elements on a template if needed. Furthermore, you should take the time to do an accessible website by making sure that all your texts are at a size of at least 16 pxl. Therefore, the elderly and visually impaired people will be able to browse on your website easily.

Be Inspired by Your Favorite Websites

Which websites do you visit on a daily basis? What do you like about them? What would you like to change? You should take into consideration these questions when you will choose the template for your website. For instance, do you prefer websites with many pages or the ones with only one long page? Do you prefer that a picture makes the background of the home page? We suggest you check websites that are from the same field of activity than you. Do not forget to take notes! This global overview will help you create something you will like and that will make you proud.

Try Many WebSelf Templates

Why not take the time to try some of our templates before taking a final decision? You have access to all our templates whether you decided to make a free website or no. This will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with our website editor and everything that is possible to do during your website creation process. Please note that it is not possible to change for another template when you started to work on it or when it is published. It is the reason why you suggest you try different templates in order to find the one that will answer your needs. There are no limits! If after a few tries you feel audacious or have something precise in mind, you can also try to create your website from a blank template.   

In conclusion, we hope we manage to give you a few tips on how to find the perfect WebSelf template for you. Once you make your mind, you only need to customize the template so it can answer all your needs. Add your pictures, titles, and texts and then publish it when you are satisfied with it. If you need to change an element, you can return on the website editor to do modifications. Moreover, we suggest you to take the time to read our article: when should I publish my website? It will help you make sure you have a professional and credible website.