Create a Website for Your B&B With WebSelf

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Do you own a lodge or a bed and breakfast? You are probably very proud of the accommodation and customer service you offer. Whether you are located in the city or in the countryside, your house deserves to be found easily by potential customers. Did you ever think of having a website in order to present your lodge to everybody? Why not do a website with WebSelf? It is easy and you will then be found by people making searches on search engines.

Create a Website in Only Three Steps

WebSelf is a website editor that allows you to create a website in only three simple steps. After the creation of your account, you will need to choose one of our 200 website templates. Some of them were made especially for the hotel industry. There is a template for all needs and for everyone, whether you are a plumber, that you wish to sell fashion accessories or have a blog for your recipes. Once you have chosen the perfect template, you will need to customize your website with your texts and your pictures. Finally, the last step is to publish your website. It is that easy! You can make a website with WebSelf, even if you do not have any programming knowledge.

Rooms and Rates

Your potential customers will be looking for specific information when they will be on your website. It is then very important to have that they are looking for. What do people ask you when they contact you? They probably want to know if you have any availabilities, your cancellation policies, your rates, and what is included. They also probably want to have your address or indications on how to get to your lodge. It would be useful to add all your restrictions on your website (if it is non-smoking or if there is a curfew for example) too. Moreover, your potential guests will also like to see pictures of your accommodation. Do not hesitate to put many on your website or gather them all in a gallery.

A Place Where They Can Contact You or Make a Reservation

Your website should include a place where people can have access to your contact information, like your phone number, your email address and your address. You can also use our contact form to let people contact you easily. Did you know that you can also use this form for reservation requests? You only need to customize it to use it that way. It is a perfect solution if you only have a few rooms. 

Do Not Forget Testimonies

How can you convince people to book a room at your bed and breakfast? First, you need to answer their needs. Second, you can convince them by adding a page with good testimonies from past guests. In fact, more and more people look for reviews before booking or buying something. Do not forget to put only true testimonies. To look for and publish your customers’ feedback are part of the big marketing trends of 2019. You could also link your Trip Advisor page with your website too to create a backlink to your website.

Two Authentic Bed and Breakfast Websites Made With WebSelf 

It might be easier to see a few good examples before starting a website. We then found you two authentic bed and breakfast websites made with WebSelf. They will surely inspire you! (Both websites are in French.)

Le Clos Tilia

Located only 20 minutes from Rouen, the Clos Tilia has two guest rooms called the Chambre Graphite and the Chambre Tilleul. We can find all important information about the rooms on their dedicated pages. From the home page, we have access to a lot of pictures of this little inn. The final result is both charming and well balanced. Finally, a contact form and a map have been added on the contact page for the customers.

Ferme Les Chapelles 

The Ferme les Chapelles bed and breakfast website is divided into many different pages. To start with, the main page has a summary of the story of the inn, as well as general information on the area and the upcoming events. A description of the rooms and a list of all inclusions are also on the pages of the website. The owners also took the time to list all local attractions, which can be very useful to customers.

In conclusion, we hope that our article will encourage you to create the website your lodge or bed and breakfast deserves. You only need to follow three simple steps to have your own website. Gather all your accommodation relevant information, then add pictures and authentic testimonies to encourage people to book a room. This will surely help you to gain visibility and increase your sales!