How to Give a Pro Look to Your Instagram Account

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Instagram is right now one of the most popular social media. Its number of users is increasing and it is now inconceivable not to be on it if you are a business looking to target the younger generations. At the start, you may have a personal account to share your holiday or food pictures. Now, you may use your account for professional purposes. How then can you give a pro look to your Instagram account?

Have a Pro Account

Before we begin, did you ever think about getting an Instagram Business account if you have a blog or a business? Besides giving you access to many additional features like statistics, it increases your credibility as a professional. You will also be able to use advertising as you can already do it with your Facebook account. In sum, we suggest you seriously think about it if you would like to have an account for the pictures you share with your friends and another one for your professional activities.

But is it complicated to have access to Instagram Business? Is it restricted to big businesses or celebrities? No. Conversely, it is very easy to have its own Instagram Business account. You only need to create a new account and then click on the gear symbol located on the top right. You can find the complete process to create your Business account on Instagram if needed. It is, however, important to tell you that you need to have a business page on Facebook to have access to Instagram Business.

Our Tips on Having a Pro Look on Instagram

Whether it is for an Instagram Business or your personal account, it is possible to give a pro look to your profile or posts by making a few simple adjustments.

Write Your Bio

Obvious as it may be, some people still forget to write the bio of their profile. It is one of the most frequent errors to avoid on Instagram. How potential customers can visit your website or know more about you if you leave them no info? Your bio can also help you be found by users. Therefore, use the 150 allowed characters and present yourself! (FYI, you have the right to add your address in your bio if you use Instagram Business.) You can use emojis in your bio to make it look more attractive too.

Opt for a Specific Style

Whether it is for your posts or your stories, it is suggested to create and use your own style. We call this branding and it allows you to be recognized by your followers easily. You could use the same filters, fonts, colors or keywords on your posts. You can use apps like VEED, a social media video maker, or Instasize to help you achieve this.  It will then be easier to stand out of other more amateur accounts if you have already a clear branding. Do not hesitate to delete older posts that do not follow who you have become too. Furthermore, we remind you that it is important to take the time to write nice texts and avoid spelling or grammar mistakes if you want to look credible and professional. You do not need to add 40 keywords under each post too to catch potential followers' attention. Choose a maximum of 10 relevant ones and try to use the same ones regularly.

Add Highlights Covers for Your Best Stories

As mentioned in the last paragraph, it is important to have your own branding. You certainly want to keep your best stories to show them to the world. You might have noticed that some influencers used personalized covers that fit their branding. How can you create these covers? First, you need to create your visuals. We can assure you that you do not need to have any drawing skills to make yours. Go on a graphic design website like Canva, then select the Instagram Story section. Choose a color for the background and add elements that will represent well the different categories of your best stories. Then publish your stories on your Instagram account and choose them as covers. This will help you harmonize all your account elements!

Aim for True Followers

If you want to give a pro look to your Instagram account, you need to have a great community too. A great community is made of followers that are really interested in following you and who could be potential customers. Yes, we all dream of having thousands of likes, friends, and shares. There are many ways to achieve it but some choose the easy road by buying followers. It is a method we do not recommend at all since it will have a direct impact on your engagement rate. These “followers” will not be interested in what you do or sell too. We can see when an account is a truly popular one when there are relevant comments and feedback.

In conclusion, you now have different tools to optimize your Instagram account. If you have a website, an online shop or a blog, you can surely use the brand you have already created for this social media. This brand consistency will allow you to be recognized more easily whatever the medium. Create something that is like you and shows your values. You are the key to stand out of the crowd!