8 Ways You Can Use Mobile Apps to Grow a Small Business

Image blog WebSelfTechnology has changed virtually every industry, our private lives, and the corporate world. Businesses must be able to keep up with the latest trends and developments of tech, and mobile applications are one of these. Each business’s main goals are to increase their sales, get a loyal and dependable customer base, and improve the efficiency of the company. Mobile apps can help with all of these goals. If you’re running a business and you’re still not using a mobile app, you could be missing the boat. Here are the top 8 ways that you can use mobile apps to grow your small business.

Increase engagement

Regardless of your products or services, you can boost your customer engagement by having a mobile app in your strategy. Customers want to be able to access the brands they support quickly and easily. There is a big bonus if they can reach the information they need with just a few clicks on their smartphone instead of traveling to get to a brick and mortar store. In addition, you can sync your mobile app with any social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which can boost the marketing for your business.

Increase brand visibility

The average American adult will typically spend about 2 hours and 50 minutes on their smartphone each and every day. That’s time that you can use as an opportunity to make your brand get noticed by your customers. By using engaging icons, images, short videos, and text, you can gain the attention of users. 

Grow brand awareness

In addition to boosting your visibility, you can use mobile apps to increase your brand recognition as a small business. As per Hilda Swanson, a business writer at Researchpapersuk and Writinity, “mobile apps are basically like billboard signs, and if you design it in a stylish, informational, and engaging way, you can definitely appeal to your target audience. By using effective frequency, you can absolutely gain from mobile apps to grow your small business awareness.”

Direct marketing opportunity

Mobile apps can do many things, like giving users accounts, information, booking forms, prices, search capacity, a news feed, messaging, and more, all in the palm of your hand. That means that as a brand, you can give customers all the information they need to make it through the sales cycle. You can also promote your offers, inform them of sales, and any other key info through the use of flash messages and push notifications.

Boosts income

Mobile apps usually have standard features, which give you an additional way to earn revenue in addition to what you get from the website and your physical store. Features like calls to action help you create customer engagement in just a few moments. You can also earn more revenue as a small business by charging your app users to get the no-ad option or upgrades. 

Creates value

One of the best reasons to get a mobile app for your business is that it adds value to your business. It’s an extremely valuable way for your clients to interact with you, through loyalty systems and referral programs. It’s also a more convenient option for users, encouraging them to engage with your business.

Increased efficiency

Efficiency is one of the main goals of a small business, as previously explored. Robin Maguire, a marketing blogger at Last Minute Writing and Draft Beyond, says that “mobile apps help to make a business more operationally efficient, which is an area that really needs help to keep your budget low. Companies can reduce their operational costs when they use a mobile app because it helps with channels of communication and filling gaps that might exist.” 

On-demand marketplace

Apps that are on demand are those that are most likely to grab the attention of customers. However, as a small business, it’s not necessary to launch an on-demand marketplace by coming up with a completely new idea. Instead, you already have an established online presence, so it’s easy to add an on-demand marketplace. 

These are just the top ways that small business owners can benefit from mobile apps. There are many more short- and long-term benefits that make the small investment into a mobile app worth it.

Isabel P. Harvey, a performance-based marketing professional for Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays, is passionate about digital marketing and mobile app development. She enjoys supporting small business owners with the marketing process from advertisement to social media presence.