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Are you entering the field of politics or do you want to start your own party? Would you like to get involved socially and represent your fellow citizens? Whether it's as an MP or for a legislative assembly, to be elected you need visibility. You have to meet people, do interviews, participate in debates, etc. Why not take the time to create a website with WebSelf? A website can certainly help you increase your credibility!

Take the Time to Introduce Yourself

A website is an interesting medium for communication where you can introduce yourself and make yourself accessible. On the home page, you need to be in the forefront, the same as you would do if you were meeting someone in person you wanted to convince. Focus on a design that is both professional and elegant, most importantly your website must show your image–what you stand for. For example, are you looking to highlight your progressive side or your environmental values? Do you want to show that you are a competent and honest person? Keep this in mind when designing your website.

Then take the time to explain your story, and why you want to be elected. Why should we vote for you? All professional websites should have a page about that since this humanizes people and businesses. You need to create trust between you and the public. Of course, it is important that you put up some nice professional photos of yourself.

Gather All the Information

A website is a more complete tool than a Facebook page or an Instagram account. During a campaign, you will meet a lot of people. To make it easier for them to vote for you or to answer any questions they may have, use a website to put all your relevant information in one place. It can be your values, your commitments or what you care about. You can also show a schedule of voting days or upcoming events.

It is easier to find and contact you if you have your own website. If people are looking for candidates in your area on search engines, it is helpful for them when they find your website and your opinions on current issues. Many say that when you don't show up on a Google search, you just don't exist! Also, don't hesitate to include mentions of your events or information about your riding. In addition to creating a more complete website, this will also help your SEO (search engine optimization).

Be Accessible

Why not add a contact form or location on your website that has your contact information? If your work is to represent your fellow citizens, they probably want to feel like you are accessible and transparent. Why not also take the opportunity to add a FAQ page? You could then write down what you think of certain issues or what you would like to do for the public. Be careful though to remain relevant and clear. Too often, politicians seem vague and talk without saying anything. Therefore, this information must have a specific purpose.

If you also have professional social media pages, why not put them on your website? It will be easier to follow you that way. You can always create professional pages to keep them separate from your personal pages. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you to clean up all your publications. Too often, a comment or compromising photo from several years ago resurfaces during campaigns.

A few Things to Remember

If you want to look professional, you should take a domain name that has your name. For example, if your name is Michel Martin, try to have the domain name or This increases your credibility and authority. Start by checking if your name is available, then buy it so that you have it. For your information, all WebSelf websites, whether they are free or not, come with a domain name. The free package comes with a .webself sub-domain. You also have the option of connecting to an outside domain name or using a domain name with our Pro and Business plans. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Then take the time to reread and complete each section of your website. It would be a shame to leave spelling errors or pages unfinished. You can also certainly ask people close to you to reread everything in order to avoid any missteps. Work on your website until you're satisfied with it. Don't hesitate to look at different examples of successful sites to inspire you.

Some Interesting WebSelf Designs

If you don't know where to start, WebSelf has created various website templates that can help. We have several different categories to meet different needs. For a political party or your MP site, take a look at our personal site and community categories. Of course, you can choose and modify any of our designs! Choose one, then customize it with your titles, texts, and images. Here are three examples we've selected for you:


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Image blog WebSelf


Image blog WebSelf

In conclusion, a website can certainly lend a hand to your campaign. Whether you're a novice or have a lot of experience, your fellow citizens will appreciate having quick access to all your information. All you have to do is convince them to vote for you! Good luck!