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What’s Coming Up for Twitter Marketing this 2020?

Image blog WebSelfStaying on top of every trend is very exhausting, social media marketing is a world where anything could change in one single day. This quick overview of some of the most significant things to keep in mind for 2020’s Twitter Marketing can make your life way simpler! For starters, visit the Twitter Marketing Calendar on Twitter to get ahead of the main events you want to talk about this year! Plan your campaigns with time to spare and make some awesomely designed content to share. ​

Huge Milestone for all Twitters

Now, reviewing the current top Twitter trends, Twitter will test a “reply limiting” feature to beat back trolls. In an effort to block trolls and harassers, Twitter is attempting to stop tweet replies from certain accounts. Even if your account is public, only a selected audience will be able to reply. This is in order to have, as Twitter says, more “conversational health”. This eliminates the issue of having to manually hide each inappropriate reply. We will surely be expecting this change with excitement! As a brand, you should definitely have a plan settled for when someone writes a negative replay to your twit. Some brands choose to answer, some others choose to hide the reply, with this update you might want to re-think your strategy. 

Here’s to a year with less laziness and cooler graphic content! 

Make Image Fitted for Twitter 

Anyone using Twitter for business should ensure the highest quality of their content images. Follow the right sizes and dimensions to make your images look professional at every moment. To make your life simpler you could use Placeit´s Twitter post templates if you don’t want to worry about the right dimensions or quality. Using pre-made templates can always save your tons of time and effort since you don’t have to make any further edits to them. 

Video Content is Rising in the Ranks 

It has been proven over and over that video content engages way more followers than still images. However, making a video is not enough, content needs to be engaging and relevant to your followers in order to generate those retweets you’re looking for! You can also find all kinds of useful tools to make videos fitted for Twitter in minutes. No need to be an expert on it. 

Another tip for more engaging tweets is adding emojis to your messages! They attract more viewers too, just as good content! Think about making your tweets way more visual in other to engage with followers. Make them stop and look at your tweet rather than just scroll through it. 

Twitter Advanced Search for 2020

Twitter is a super-powerful marketing tool for any business to seek potential customers. Twitter advanced search is a great feature to get new leads while watching over the competition. 

To properly use Twitter’s advanced search consider keywords, dates, locations, and languages, just like Google’s advanced search. You can also choose options like “from these accounts”, “to these accounts”, or “mentioning these accounts”. Getting to know your analytics and using them to post better content is the best practice for any Twitter account manager. 

After you get the hang of it you can make relevant searches for your business like:

Success on Your Brand’s Campaigns

Conduct an advanced search for your brand’s mention during a brand campaign you’ve conducted. Simply to see how people feel about your marketing efforts and their responses to it. 

Lead Generation

Run a brand mention search for your competitors to find negative reactions and target them! When you find unsatisfied customers, you can offer them a different approach. 

Most-Popular Tweet Search

You can find all tweets from a particular account in a specific period of time, but you can also filter by popularity! Look at what works for others and use it to your advantage. 

Brand Up Your Twitter like a Professional 

Brand your Twitter account as a professional right from the start. Profile pictures that aren’t changed or updated for years make your brand look just lazy. Having a well-branded Twitter account means a branded image header and a profile picture that portrays your brand in a clean way. 

Don’t Have a Logo Yet? 

It doesn’t matter whether you are using your account as a personal brand or your Twitter for small business, you should own a logo that represents you and allows you to brand every piece of content you share. 

You can use this logo designer, to make a professional-looking logo in just a few clicks without ever having to hire a designer or use complicated software. You can see how to create a logo by visiting! Also, the great thing about this tool, it all works in your browser so as soon as your done designing your logo you can just post right away.

Also, a short clear, and sweet bio description is a must for any business page. Try to be charming and really clear about what’s your deal is. 

In Other Words, Keep Up with the World

Always give a few minutes of your day to keep track of what’s new in the world, breaking news, anything that you might want to keep your followers posted on. You never know which tweet will get you thousands of retweets and likes! 

Besides, the maintenance of your account is important, general updates of your branding images too. Not only should you make sure you have a great header, profile picture, and posted content, you should also make constant changes to it according to seasonality, offers, events, and others. 

These previous strategies are what you need to market your brand effectively using Twitter this year. Keep yourself alerted for any further Twitter update that might come up, they can always be game-changers. 

Valeria Santalla is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and writer that loves to write about marketing insights for local business.