How to Promote Your Blog

Image blog WebSelfThere are many reasons why it is still relevant to have a blog. Whether you are a business or a new influencer, a blog can help you increase your credibility and authority on a specific subject. It can help your website indexing as well. However, it is important to remind you that you still have work to do even when your blog is created, and you have published a few articles. What can you do to promote your blog and be successful?

Know Your Target Audience

Before telling everyone that you have a blog, we suggest you take the time to target and know your potential readers. This step is essential since it will tell you where you need to put your efforts to have the chance to stand out. First, what is the main topic of your blog? What is your point of view? Who could be interested in reading your articles? Who would find them useful? Would it be high school teenagers or newly retired workers? Do you want to write to parents or the LGBTQ community? Once you know your target audience, you need to research what they do or like. Do they use social media? Do they watch television? You can also try to create buyer personas to understand them better. 

Let’s take a travel blog as an example. Do you want to give advice or tell your best travel stories? You could target families who travel with young children or retired people who like organized trips. You then need to keep in mind to write articles for these people and answer their needs. 

Social Media Are Your Friends

Social media can help you a lot in promoting your blog; however, as mentioned above, it is vital to choose the relevant platforms for your target audience. LinkedIn can be a social media for some blogs related to work or the business industry when Facebook reaches almost everybody, especially older people now. It is then recommended to have pages and accounts on the relevant platforms and to adapt your blog articles in consequence. For example, for the same article, you could have a Facebook post, an Instagram picture, an infographic on Pinterest, and a video on YouTube. Blogs can also help you create content for your social media and encourage people to visit your website. Do not forget to add links to your articles and your blog when you create content. 

Think About the SEO

Another way to promote your blog is to take the time to work on the SEO. Indeed, if someone searches for the subject of your article, search engines could suggest your blog in the results. We know that website indexing and SEO may seem very complicated for many people; however, the basic notions are quite simple. Fill in the title and the meta description tags in the parameter section of your article. Then, use relevant keywords in your title, your article, and its description. If you wish to learn more about indexing, we recommend you check our article about how to write for a better seo.

Why Not Try Advertising?

If you have a business or enough funds, online advertising can also be a way to promote your blog and articles. Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaigns can allow you to reach your target audience. Nonetheless, it is not because you sponsor a post or an article that it will become an instant success. It needs to be useful if you do not want to throw money down the drain. Why not start by testing with small amounts to familiarize yourself with it? When mastered, Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns can boost your blog!

Look for Interesting Partnerships

As you may already know, there are thousands of blogs on many topics. Right now, one of the tips used by content creators is to do guest blog exchanges or partnerships with other bloggers. It allows you to reach another community that could be interested in reading your content. This is also good for your blog’s SEO since you can add backlinks sending people to your website too. Of course, it will only work if you already have useful and well-written articles. You will also need to find partners or blogs similar to yours or complementary. For example, if you have a travel blog and your target audience is mothers in their 30s, it could be interesting to look for blogs about family or mother groups. You can write them an article on how to travel with young children. The keyword here is relevancy. 

Talk About It

Last but not least: talk about it. If you create a blog, do not forget to talk about it to your friends and family. There are good chances that your relatives become your first readers or that they refer you to other people. It would be a shame not to have access to this free visibility, right?

In conclusion, we hope to have given you a few ideas on how to have a successful blog. The most vital things are to find your target audience, its needs, and how to reach them. Then, try different ways to promote your blog and your articles. If your website is created, but you do not know how to write good texts, here is our article on how to write a blog article effectively!