What to Do With an Unsatisfied Customer

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No one is immune to a mistake or a situation beyond its control that can lead to customer discontent. It is never a pleasant moment when you have a complaint or a negative review, especially in our times when everything spreads fast on social media. This can effectively harm your business, or at least your professionalism. We believe, however, that it is not the end of the world when you have an unsatisfied customer. The most important thing is how you react. Here are then a few tips on how to deal with a complaint.

What to Do When You Have an Unsatisfied Customer 

When you fell on a negative comment or an unsatisfied customer, you must react quickly. See this as an opportunity to show everyone that you care more than an unpleasant thing to do. This is even more important if there is a written trace that everyone can see. It can indeed be tempting to delete the comment (when it is possible, of course) and move on; however, we do not recommend it since your customer could post it everywhere in acts of vengeance. It is then better to handle it professionally. Show that you are available and that you are a business that is there even when something is wrong.

Do Searches Info Before Answering

It may be tempting to answer on the spot, but take a few minutes to gather some information before doing anything. Do you know this customer? Is it one of your employees or colleagues that was in contact with him? Do you know if he is a regular customer or was it the first time he was doing business with you? What does he have ordered or purchased? One of the most significant annoying elements for a customer is to repeat his story many times before feeling that something is taking care of the situation. He then has the impression of losing his time, which can lead him to be more impatient or angry. Therefore, try to be proactive if it is possible. Look for what he bought or try to find hints about his experience with your business.

Contact Your Unsatisfied Customer

If you cannot communicate with your customer immediately, at least take the time to write that you have seen the comment, and you will contact him as soon as possible. And when you will, do not forget to have enough time to do so, especially if you need to call him. Sometimes, these calls can last many minutes. Moreover, we suggest you discuss the issue privately. Send him an email, call him or answer him with a private message. This situation is only between your customer and you. Also, we believe that each case is unique. Start by presenting yourself and mention that you are the person in charge of him regarding the note that he left.

Let Him Talk, Rephrase, and Stay Patient

Start by asking him what happened. Take notes to remember everything if needed. It is vital to listen to what he has to say and not only to hear him. Let him talk without interrupting unless he asks you questions. Once he is done, try the rephrase the most important points of his dissatisfaction to verify if you understood the situation well. Thus, you could start to work on relevant solutions that will answer your customer’s needs. It is essential to remain calm and courteous. If your interlocutor starts to lose temper, or if his behavior is unreasonable, remind him that you are here to help. If you stay serene and talk softly, it may calm your customer. Avoid any escalation as much as possible.

 Apologies Are Often Required

It is recommended that you apologize and say that you are sorry, even if it is not directly your fault. It can help to diffuse the conflict. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you would have lived a similar situation, would you be angry or disappointed? It is likely that yes. Now, let’s see how you can improve the situation. 

To begin with, do not promise anything that is not possible since it could worsen the case. If you need time to find a solution, you can tell your customer that you need to verify some details and that you will come back to him as soon as possible. Try to give him a delay in response and respect it. An issue does not automatically come with a refund or a freebie. You need to respect your limits too. The important thing here is to be comfortable with an offer that will answer your customer’s needs. Do not forget then to validate your solution with him. If needed, be open-minded and creative! You need to show that you take this situation seriously. He needs to see that you are making efforts to satisfy him.

If Your Customer Is Still Unsatisfied

It may happen that you are not able to find a solution that satisfies your customer. He can be disrespectful too. Do not accept this. If you feel that you have done everything you could in order to help this person, you need to hang up the phone or say that it is your final offer. If your customer is rude, mention it and stay calm. If he continues, tell him that you will need to put an end to the conversation. Sometimes, an agreement cannot be reached. At least, you will have done what you needed to do. If he keeps contacting you, that you are afraid for your reputation or yourself, contact your local authorities.

In conclusion, it is not easy to answer complaints or negative reviews; however, it is a way to show potential customers that you care about them and their satisfaction. It will also be easier to deal with unsatisfied customers over time. It may be intimidating at first; therefore, stay calm, take some notes, and strike while the iron is hot.