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The Advantages of Creating Your Website

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If you want a website for your business, your association, or to present something that you care about, there are several options available. You can work with an agency that is specialized in creating websites. You can also ask for a freelancer or one of your relatives. But why not create your website since there are many significant advantages of creating something yourself?

It Is Easier Than You Think

You may be unsure about creating yourself a website. You may even think that it is impossible since you do not know how to code or because you are unfamiliar with computer science. Fortunately, some CMS  allows you to create showcase sites, blogs, or even online shops easily. Everything was simplified; you do not need to learn how to code. In the case of WebSelf, it was designed according to the “drag and drop” method. You only need to take the element you want to add on your website and drop it where you want it to be. The editor also tells you where it is possible to put these elements. The creation process is easy. Start by choosing one of our templates, customize it with your texts and pictures, and then publish it when you are satisfied with the final result. In sum, it is much easier than you might think to create a website.

A New Experience

Whether you are interested in computers or not, creating a website is an experience you should try. It can surely help you understand all the work needed behind a website better. You need to choose images that will support your texts, write good content, and promote your project when it is done. Also, you will have to do your website SEO in order to be well indexed by search engines. Do not worry about all this;  you are not alone during the creation process. We have a blog where you can find many articles on how to make your website, do promotion or indexing. We have a support page  where you can find the answers to your questions. If needed, our web counsellors are there to help you.

Set Your Own Pace

One thing that is great about you making a website is that you are the person in charge. You do not have to wait for someone else to see your project go on. Set your own pace according to your inspiration. You can do everything during a rainy weekend or spread this project over a few weeks. Furthermore, many of our customers love to modify their website anytime when needed. It is possible to make modifications to your WebSelf website even after it has been published. You will not have to send emails and wait to make some changes. You only need to connect and to modify the wanted elements.

Make It According to Your Taste

It may be interesting to create your website if you have a specific idea of what you want. Most of the time, you do not need complicated functionalities to have your site. Start by doing searches and to note down websites that you like. If needed, you can take a look at our Examples page. You will find websites made by our customers with our editor. There is one for everyone’s need: sites for businesses, restaurants, hotels, and craftsmen. Then, please select one of our templates, the basis for the creation of your website. Take the structure into consideration since you will only have to replace the elements with yours.

More Affordable

When we start a new project, whether it is a new business, a blog, or an online shop, we often have limited funding. The costs of working with a professional might be high. Since it may take a few weeks before having benefits, you can save a lot of money by making your website. If you are unsure about your interest or your skills, you can try our website editor free of charge. All our basic functionalities and templates are free. You will then be able to familiarize yourself with our software. If you need more pages or specific features, you have access to different packages. Feel free to ask estimates from freelancers and agencies too to compare.

A Project You Will Make You Proud

One of the things we hear a lot from our customers is that they are proud of their website. Indeed, when we create something from scratch, this gives us a sense of achievement. It is like making a garden for the first time. In the beginning, we do not really know what to do, and in the end, we have vegetables. With time, we get better, and we learn from our mistakes. It is the same thing with a website. We believe that your site will be one of the essential tools of your business. Furthermore, many of our clients even started making websites with WebSelf for their relatives after they finished their project.

In conclusion, we hope we manage to motivate you in creating your website. Start by the beginning: do searches, make a plan, choose a template that has a structure that you like, and create! Our last recommendation is to try different options until you are completely satisfied with the final result. Our team is also here to help you if you need a hand!