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A Chatbot as a Solution to Immediate Responses 24/7

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How often have you been purchasing on the Internet, had a doubt, not immediately resolved and discarded the purchase? Don't let the same thing happen to your customers. How can you do that? Haven't you heard of the Chatbots yet? Don't worry; keep reading.


Before we focus on the Chatbots, we will explain what a Bot is, as this is where they originate. A Bot is a computer program that automatically performs repetitive tasks over the Internet. It is impossible or very tedious for a person to do this.

However, the Chatbot is a software that includes the latest Artificial Intelligence, which simulates a conversation with a person. It has been prepared to give automated answers to repetitive questions asked by users. These answers can be provided by text.

In order to establish a conversation with the Chatbot, it is advisable to use understandable and coherent phrases, although they are not always prepared to answer all kinds of questions. It is at this point that the query with an agent is redirected.

At first, Chatbots were used for customer service. However, in the last few years, the aim is to improve the user experience by incorporating Chatbots, which is a benefit for the company. The biggest companies have been using them for years because at the beginning only the big ones could use them due to their high cost.

The use of Chatbots in companies is becoming increasingly popular. In the digital era, customers have become more demanding, and one of their demands is the immediate response while making a purchase. The most efficient and least expensive way to respond 24/7, is a Chatbot.


First of all, you have to identify the main questions of your customers, the ones you repeat and answer again and again, this is known as the Frequently Asked Questions. Once you have identified them, you are ready to put it to work. 

Second, set up the questions and add the different expressions your clients use for those questions.

Third, you'll provide the answer, one for all the different ways you've added as ways to ask. As for question forms, an interesting aspect is that you can include in the answer a link to a page, a GIF, a text, an image or redirect to a physical agent using WhatsApp or Telegram. 

This way, when the user asks: what are you, what do you do, what do you do, etc. you will have your Chatbot ready to give the same answer. But what if you haven't programmed your Chatbot to answer all those questions? When this happens, the user will be answered with a message informing them that their query will be redirected to an agent, since the Chatbot is not trained to respond.

Therefore, the Chatbot serves to give an automated answer to all those questions that your users constantly repeat, without having to do it manually and having to be available 24/7.


24/7 availability

Indeed, there will always be users who prefer to talk directly to an agent.  What happens if when you have a query, the agents are not operational because they are helping other users, or simply are not working at that time because the query schedule has already ended? A Chatbot is always available, no matter what time it is. This is one of the main advantages of the Chatbot, being available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It is really interesting and important for companies with customers from all over the world, as each customer needs specific opening hours, which is solved by incorporating the Chatbot on your website.


The Chatbot is built to answer queries in just seconds, while the agent needs additional time to respond, as it has to go through a process of compression and writing.


Giving an accurate answer is paramount for users. For them, time is money, and not beating around the bush even more so. They need a clear solution to their problem, and the more direct, the better. In most cases, when you talk to an agent, they ask you a thousand questions until they solve your issue.

Cost reduction

Save on having hired agents who can only respond to your customers during a certain time. Insert a Chatbot for less money and with 24/7 support

Increased customer satisfaction

Continuous and immediate attention, as well as the right answers, generate satisfied customers. Most customers always ask the same questions or about the same issues: availability, other options, shipping, etc. Prepare your Chatbot to answer these questions, which will allow you to use the time you spend answering other requests.


You can incorporate your Chatbot into your website, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. Remember that since you are present on several channels, your customers' queries can come through any of them. You must always be available on your social networks as well.


Chatbots can answer millions of queries at once, all with the same speed and accuracy. This is not the case with agents, as they can only handle a few questions simultaneously via chat, and in the case of calls, only one.

However, there are cases where an agent's empathy is needed, and this is where the Chatbot gives you the option to contact an agent via Whatsapp, email or phone.


Building a Chatbot with Svachat is mainly characterized by:

Its easy self-creation process

In only 10 minutes you can have your Chatbot built and published on your website. For any doubt, you have a step by step tutorial.

No codes

The creation of a Chatbot in Svachat is code free, totally affordable for those who have no previous computer knowledge.

Intuitive and powerful

Intuitive because it is a simple process, It can be developed by anyone, whether or not they have computer skills.

Powerful because it is equipped with AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding.

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