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Your Business Deserves a Great Website

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Our slogan is, “your idea deserves a great website.” We believe that your business deserves one as well. Although the web is now mostly accessible to all, there are still thousands of businesses without a website. It has various impacts; do not let your competitors take market shares because your potential customers could not find you. Let’s see why you should take the time to create a website for your business.

The Importance of Being Online

When you look for an electrician or an interior designer, what do you do? Most of the time, we search on Google, and we select one of its results. If you do not have a website, you miss out on all these business opportunities. For example, if you provide sport coach services and have no online presence, all your potential customers will contact your competitors. Still today, many companies do not have a website. Yet, it is a powerful tool to promote yourself and find new customers.

Also, if you search something on Google, which professional would you find the most credible between these two: someone with only a Facebook page or someone with a complete website? A professional site should be the base of your online presence. You can gather together all the relevant info regarding your products and services.  

What Your Website Should Include

There are a few rules to follow if you want to create a successful website for your business. We wish that when a potential customer visits your site, he decides to contact you because you look like a credible professional. Consequently, here are some elements that should be on your business website to increase your chances of having sales and customers.

  • The Homepage

The homepage is often the first page that your potential customers visit. It must then be both attractive and professional-looking. Sum up all your site’s content and add links to different sections if your visitors need more information.

  • The About Us Page

The about us page is where you should show that you are a real person, a real business, but also a credible one. Tell your story, present your team, mention your studies, qualifications, or the distinctions you have received throughout your career. Show what makes you stand out from our competitors.

  • The Page Where Your Products and Services Are Well Explained

If someone visits your website, there must be a reason why. Answer all questions they could have with a specific page about your products or services on your business website. Add a complete description and some examples to show your know-how.

  • The Contact Page

Make it easier to communicate with your potential customers by adding a contact page to your business site. You can include your contact information like your address, phone number, or open hours, as well as a contact form.

  • Testimonials

What can you do to make sure your visitors think you are a credible business? One way to get their trust is to add authentic testimonials of satisfied customers on your website. If you can prove that you do great work, you will increase your chances of being contacted by potential customers.

3 Businesses that Created Their Website with WebSelf

Why not create your website with WebSelf? Our editor allows you to create a professional-looking site easily. We even have many different templates made especially for businesses. To convince you, let us present to you three businesses that made their website with our editor. (Please note that these three examples are in French).

Objectif Propriétaire

We mentioned earlier the importance of having a professional-looking homepage where we can find a summary of all the site content It is exactly what Objectif Propriétaire’s team did with their digital project. Their design is stylish, and we can find all relevant information about their services at one glance easily. It gives a lot of credibility to their business.

Kassonade et compagnie

When we create a site for our business, it is often to show what you can do. Kassonade et compagnie is the company of a baker who makes awesome cakes. To show her culinary creations, she created a website where she displays her latest creations in an online portfolio proudly. Moreover, it is even possible to buy cakes directly from her online shop!

L’Escale des Sens

Your business’ website must pass on your values and the elements that make you stand out from your competitors. L’Escale des Sens’s site has a strong branding with its logo and color palette. The creator also took the time to explain her academic background and the specificities of her services. Consequently, it shows her professionalism.  

In conclusion, your website deserves to have a professional-looking website too. Make it yours so that it can represent your values and products well. Therefore, when a potential customer searches on Google, he will be able to find you more easily. And if you want to increase your chances to appear in the first search results, do not forget to choose the right keywords for your SEO! Good luck!