9 Tools that Can Help You Create Your Website

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We know that you have a lot of things to think about when you create your site. You must design its pages and sections, find relevant pictures, and write texts. You must then promote your website on social media and build a community. We wish to guide you in this process; we then found you 9 awesome tools that can help you create a beautiful website with WebSelf (and most of them are free!)

For Your Logo: FreeLogoDesign

Your logo is surely one of the most important elements of your website’s header. It is one of the first things people see since it is located at the top of your site. Where can you find an amazing logo to add to your site? Take a look at our partner FreeLogoDesign. With FreeLogoDesign, it is easy and quick to create a logo. You will also have access to a lot of different templates. You also have the opportunity to create a free PNG logo (that can be used on your website) or buy high-quality files.

For Your Visuals: Canva

Whether it is for a section’s background or your social media posts, Canva is an interesting tool to create visuals. If you do not know how Photoshop works, Canva is here to help you create beautiful visuals easily. Start by choosing a category to discover their various templates. Then, customize them with your content!

Image Banks for Your Visuals

It is not useful to have software to create visuals if you do not have attractive pictures. If you do not have the money to hire a photographer or if you are looking for a specific image, you should visit online image banks. On these websites, you can look for photos, download and use them on your site. Here are two image bank sites that we like a lot (and offer freely-usable images): Pexels and Unsplash.

To Find Out Which Keywords to Use: Ubersuggest

It is essential to find the best keywords to use on your site. These help search engines know what your website is about and index it accordingly. Keywords must then be used at different places on your website, and you should add them in the SEO section of the page parameters. Where can you see if a keyword is searched or popular? Find everything you need to know about the best keywords to use with Ubersuggest. You only need to add a word and a country to see if it is a keyword you should use or not. You will also have access to suggestions to try too. 

To Have Access to Statistics: Google Analytics

You probably wish to know where your visitors are coming from and what they do on your site. Fortunately, you can have access to many relevant statistics and data with Google Analytics. This free tool from Google allows you to know more about the people who visit your website (origin, age, sex), but also to know many statistics like the time spent on your site, the bounce rate, or the most popular pages. To learn more, read our article Google Analytics for beginners

To Choose a Color Palette: Coolors

What can you do to make sure to choose the best colors for your website? We suggest you use a color palette that will answer all the needs you can have (color for the background, color for the texts, the titles, etc.) Since you might not be the best for choosing colors that fit well together, we suggest using a color palette generator like Coolors that will help you find the right shades for your site.

To Correct Grammar and Spelling Errors: Grammarly

We said it in many articles: grammar and spelling mistakes harm your credibility. Although you can proofread your texts and ask your entourage to help you, you can also use checker software like Grammarly. This way, you will make sure everything is perfect! 

To Add a Chat on Your Website

If you want your visitors to be able to communicate with you directly on your WebSelf website, it is something possible. You can add a chat widget on your site with a script. Get their code and add it to the editor with the script function. We can suggest you two partners: Plannit and SvaChat.

To Add a Booking System

If you are a professional and wish that people can make an appointment directly on your WebSelf website, it is also possible. To add a booking system, you only need to add the code of a booking app with the script function. Here are two booking applications we recommend: MyRezApp and GoRendezVous.

In conclusion, we hope that you have found tools and applications that will answer all the needs you can have. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance; our customer service agents are here to help!