5 Simple Steps to Create Videos For YouTube

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What are the most common social media people use to watch any video content during breakfast or dinner? m, that is YouTube, the biggest online video platform worldwide. Having a huge amount of user-generated and official content, like songs, games, tutorials, and others, has opened up substantial personal development perspectives. 

According to Statista, the total number of monthly logged-in viewers has already reached 2 billion, and this number only grows. So, more and more users consider creating their own content for fame and money-making. 

Today, we will look deeper into the process of creating an awesome video for YouTube and get some insights into the ways you can improve your video-making skills as well. 

Why Choose YouTube as a Video Host?

In fact, there are plenty of reasons why host videos on YouTube. The most critical of them are: 

  • Huge audience. Needless to say how much people used to watch YouTube videos on a daily basis. 

  • Simple interface. The simplicity of the platform allows posting a video in just a few minutes. 

  • Device optimization. No matter which device you used: laptop, tablet, or smartphone - it all works well for both posting and watching videos on YouTube.

  • Unlimited video storage. Create as much content as you wish, for free!

  • Informative analytics. The clear data provides a deep understanding of the channel metrics. 

  • Monetization feature. The very important aspect is that YouTube gives money for your content, additionally allows the video creators to cooperate with other companies.

Tips for Creating a Professional Video on YouTube

However, to make a high-quality video and reach your audience, it is important to know all the trends and tips for its creation. Here are the top recommendations which will help you create your YouTube video like a pro. 

1. Plan Your Strategy

The very first thing you have to focus on is choosing the right topic for your video content. Creating some funny or informative videos is now not enough to reach your audience. Firstly, think about the value you can provide along with your content. 

For this purpose, analyze the basic trends of the present audience you’re going to target. Their pain points, expectations, and needs - all these must be considered for the quality video. Owen Video, a marketing consultant on YouTube says: “The very first thing we do is run our clients through a questionnaire that helps them to get the biggest topics that the audience would be interested in.”

2. Make It Optimized for Users & Search Engines

To rank on YouTube, you ensure your content is found by its users. The basic ways of a successful optimization are as follows:

  • Create the content for users, so that they can easily find your videos and get involved in the topic you were presenting. 

  • Create the content for search engines, so it can show your content to users and widen your target audience. 

For the findable content, it is important to offer the best answers to the questions asked and go deeper into the new directions no one actually did before. This will help you to go much further than just spend the time, money, and efforts on struggling with your competitors. 

3. Discover the Helpful Insights About Topics for YouTube

It goes without saying that the best content is the unique one. By developing your skills in platforms like Skillshare in the video-making industry, you can quickly come up with the idea of what topic you are going to present in your videos. 

Also, utilize the YouTube search to get some suggestions about the popular videos and their topics. Or else, check the comments section or ask your audience about what they would like to watch here, which means the additional source of ideas for brainstorming. We recommend you write down any ideas you have about the content you think will perfectly fit your channel. 

4. Focus on the Message, Not on the Equipment

Most beginners used to think that a good video is only the one made with professional equipment. However, the key point is not about the special technologies, but the quality of your video is strictly connected to the skills of yours. This knowledge is mostly developed by practice, so the only way you can boost your skills is to make more content and always consider the ways you can improve it. 

Andrew Kan, the TubeBuddy channel author claims that people focus on ‘I don’t have the right gear,’ instead of what is the main message of their videos. So, if you can make someone feel something, if you can make them relate to what you’re doing, that’s more important than any piece of gear.”

Having got the overall idea about the equipment you need for improving your video content, it’s time to think about the critical tools you definitely want to purchase:

  • Microphone

  • Screen recording & video making software

  • Lightning

  • Camera

In such a way, you will be able to get the right equipment without spending your money on useless things. And, as a result, you can easily create unique content for your audience. 

5. Create Your Videos Right Now

To sum up, creating any content is always challenging. However, these simple steps can help you to create perfect video content, which certainly helps you to grab people’s attention. Having covered the basic things on which points you have to keep in mind, the process of video making becomes clear and easy, so you won’t find yourself stuck with the lack of ideas or skills. So, start creating your videos right now and check it yourself!

Stacey Wonder is a content marketer who enjoys sharing best practices for self-development and careers with others. In her free time, Stacey is fond of contemporary dance and classic French movies.