What Is Included with our eCommerce Plan

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WebSelf has different plans to help you create a website that will answer your needs. If you are a beginner or wish to try our site builder, we provide a free plan without any time limit. If you need more pages or want to use our more advanced functions, we suggest that you take a look at our Premium plans: Basic, Pro and eCommerce. For the purpose of this article, let’s examine more closely the advantages of our eCommerce plan. 

Before we begin, we need to tell you that our eCommerce plan was called Business before. Its name and some of its features have changed since then. Here is a summary of our new eCommerce plan inclusions. 

The Online Store

The most important feature of our eCommerce plan is access to our online store module. Indeed, when you choose this plan, you can sell your products or services directly on your website. But what our online store module includes exactly? 

First, you can add an unlimited number of physical and digital products to your online store. You can then separate them into various categories. It will also be possible to offer different payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, bank transfer, payment when delivering, and managing your currencies, taxes, delivery methods, etc. You will also find statistics about your orders on the general page of our online store module.

Furthermore, when you choose our eCommerce plan to sell online, we do not take any commission on your sales, unlike other website builders.

Take a look at some online stores that were made with WebSelf!

An Unlimited Number of Pages

When you choose our eCommerce plan, you have access to an unlimited number of web pages. You can then create pages for your products, services, company story or employees; however, do not forget to work on your site’s homepage since it is the most important and visited page of your website. Make sure to make an about us page and a contact page where we can find your contact information easily.

It is important to mention that you have access to 20 GB of disk space and 50 GB of bandwidth with this plan. Moreover, no WebSelf advertisement will be displayed on your site.

A Free Domain Name for One Year

Our eCommerce plan does include a free domain name for one year when you choose the annual subscription. You can then take a customized domain name with the extension of your choice: .com, .org, .ca, etc. It is very recommended to have a customized domain name if you wish that your website looks credible. This is particularly important if you have an online store.

But what should you take as a domain name then? First, if your business’ name is available, it should be your first option. Otherwise, make sure that your domain name is short, easy to remember, and without any spelling mistakes, of course.

For those who wonder what happens after one year, know that you will simply have to pay for your domain name renewal. The fees vary between $15 and $30 for a year.

A Multilingual Website

If you wish to sell in many countries, it would be better if your site is available in many languages. This is especially relevant if you want to target different communities. For example, let’s take countries like Canada, Belgium or Switzerland that have more than one official language. It is possible to create a multilingual website with our eCommerce plan.

Here’s how to proceed. First, on the WebSelf editor, click on Settings located bottom left. Then, click on Languages and once on that page, click on Add language. Check the Visible online box and choose the country associated with the language you want to add (its flag will appear on your website). Go back to the editor and click on the ADD tab located left. You can find the Multilingual feature under the Tools category. You can then choose the localization of the flag, as well as the style. If you wish to add a flag to the site header, start by clicking on the header to edit it. Then, choose the Multilingual option by clicking on the Add content button.

To modify a page in another language and add the translated content, click on the PAGES tab located left. You will then be able to see your web pages according to the languages of your site.

All Our Basic Features

Whether you decide to take our eCommerce plan or not, you have access to all our basic features. This includes a great selection of website templates created by our team of graphic designers, our image library, blog module, access to Apple Maps, as well as comment and contact forms. Regardless of the plan you choose, the web hosting and the HTTPS secure server connection are included. It will also be possible to work your site’s SEO with the help of our checklist on the dashboard.

Finally, if you need any help, you have access to our help center and our customer support team.

In conclusion, if you need a complete website or an online store, our eCommerce might be what you need. It includes what best WebSelf has to offer; you will then be able to start your online business without worrying about commissions or any limits about the number of products.