How to Create a Great Career Page for Your Website

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Whether you have a business with only two employees or fifty, recruitment is probably one of your concerns. How can you find the right candidates? Where should you post your job opportunities? After publishing on all job websites and sharing on social media, what is the next step? Did you think about creating a career page on your website?

Why add a career page on your website

As we mentioned in many blog articles, your website is the basis of your online presence. It is the place people will look for if they need more information on your business. Consequently, potential employees may look at your site and your career page before applying or going to an interview. 

If you are looking for new talents, it would be relevant to add a career page to your website. Thus, it will be easier to receive resumes from interested people. It is not only big corporations that have a career page!

What should we find on a career page?

If you wish to increase your chances of getting interesting applications, here are some elements to keep in mind during the creation of the career page of your website.

  • Your brand image
    It is not because it is your career page that it must be different from the other pages of your website. Note that it is essential to use the elements of your brand image everywhere. In other words, think about putting forward everything that makes your business unique (your logo, fonts, color palette, etc.). This will help you create your employer brand.  

  • A summary of the business and its employees
    It is possible that your potential employees visit only your career page or do not have much time to spend reading all your website content. Consequently, add on your career page a summary of the business, but also of the employees. For example, you can write when the company was founded, your greatest achievements, the divisions or the number of employees.

  • Compelling and complete employment opportunities
    Let us now present the most important element of your career page: the employment opportunities. If someone visits this specific page of your site, it is likely to know more about the available jobs or apply for one. This is our tip: during the writing of the job opportunity, add the necessary information but stay concise and relevant. A job opportunity must not seem to be a book. Explain the tasks, the needed qualities and the job requirements. Finally, do not forget to add a call-to-action button to receive the applications.

  • Add a place for unsolicited applications
    It is not because you are not actively looking for new employees that you should pass by unsolicited applications. Indeed, we should find a place for unsolicited applications on the career page of your website. You can add a section about the job opportunities and invite people to send you their resumes. You never know when you can find great employees!

  • An overview of work conditions and advantages
    You might have noticed in the last years that recruitment is more and more challenging. What can you do to encourage potential employers to apply? First, you must seduce them. You must show them that it is great to work at your business. This is then why you should add the work conditions and advantages directly to your career page. Do you offer flexible working? Do you organize social activities? Do your employees have access to many vacation weeks or insurance? Write it on the career page of your business.

  • Testimonials from your employees
    We already talked about the importance of customer reviews on your website, but did you ever think of including testimonials from your employees on your site's career page? Indeed, you can ask them what they like about their job and put their comments directly on your website. You can even add some videos! Employees can often be a source of inspiration that can make a huge difference.

  • Links to your social media
    Finally, why not take this opportunity to add links to your social media? For example, maybe you share some pictures of social activities or your latest news on your business’s Facebook or LinkedIn page? This can be relevant if your potential employees wish to see what is behind the scene. Moreover, these people can then decide to follow you after that.

In conclusion, if you are looking for new employees, think about creating a great career page on your business website. This way, you will be able to receive applications and answer all questions the potential employees could ask themselves. Once the interviews are done, do not forget to present your employees on your about us page! Good luck finding new employees!