How to Find Beautiful Photos for Your Website

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Photos are an important element of your website, and as the old saying goes, ‘’one picture is worth a thousand words’’. When people visit your site, you must convince them that you are a credible and trustworthy entity in a few seconds. In this regard, images can either help or harm you. Thus, how can you find beautiful photos for your website?

The importance of having beautiful photos for your website

There are now millions of websites; thousands are created every day. Consequently, your site faces a lot of competition. If you want to have a chance to stand out from other websites, you need beautiful photos. You likely have visited a site where the pictures were blurred or pixelated. It is also likely that you did not stay on this website for a long period.

A person can offer the best products or services available; however, if their website is not up to the mark, the likelihood of having sales will be slim. Thus, show your professionalism by choosing beautiful photos for your website.

Where find beautiful pictures?

But where can you find beautiful photos for your website? We think this is an entirely legitimate question. Of course, it is not recommended to take pictures directly from Google Images since you might not have the rights. Here are then three ways to have beautiful photos for your site.

Before starting looking, we suggest you take the time to make a list of your needs. How many photos do you need? Do you think you will need them for a long or short time? Do you need new pictures on a regular basis? These questions will help you choose the best option according to your situation.

Take some beautiful photos yourself

Whether you are an amateur photographer or you like to take pictures for social media with your phone, you are free to take photos for your website yourself. Here are some tips taken from our how to capture professional photos article.

  • Think about the light
    Light is an essential element in taking beautiful pictures. There are indeed many tools that can help you light your products properly; however, natural light can be your best friend. Go outside in the morning, evening, or during a cloudy day. Then, start taking pictures! Please note that it is better to put your product against the light to avoid any backlight effect.

  • Stabilize yourself
    One of the key elements that will allow you to take beautiful photos is stability. Consequently, during the photo shoot, make sure you are as stable as possible. Avoid moving so your pictures are not blurry. If needed, you can use a tripod or other tools that will allow you to keep the camera stable at all times.

  • Try different versions
    Let your imagination run wild! Take photos of your products from different angles and framings. Try also various locations. This way, you will have more choices when choosing the best photos for your website. And why not add more than one picture? It is exactly what Bar à Plantes MTL, a shop from Montreal did. When we visit their product page, we see many photos of them. This has a dynamic effect, and we can see what is offered from many angles.

  • If needed, edit your photos
    There are now many accessible photo editing software. You will then be able to correct some flaws or give a certain aspect to your brand. If you do not feel comfortable editing your photos, you can always work with a professional.

Hire a photographer

If you are not interested in photography or do not have the necessary tools to take customized or professional photos, you can decide to work with a professional photographer. This is relevant if you need to have professional photos of yourself or if you provide services, for example.

As mentioned above, start by making a list of what you need. Then, find styles or examples that you like to help the photographer understand what you want. You can also decide to hire a professional for some specific pictures. Moreover, there are many types of photographers. Some are specialized in taking photos of objects when others prefer landscapes or portraits. You will then have to find the perfect person for your project. Ask for quotes and recommendations!

Use image banks

If your budget is tight or you cannot wait, image banks are a third option. Some provide costless and copyright-free photos, and some need you to buy them. Whatever your needs, it is likely that you will find anything you want on these websites. To name only a few, there are Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, and Shutterstock. Nonetheless, we need to mention that the photos found on these sites can be used by others, too; you will not have exclusivity.

Did you know that WebSelf gives you access to a free image library? Indeed, on the editor, when you want to add a picture, you have the choice to upload one from your computer or choose one from our image bank.  

In conclusion, you have a few options regarding finding beautiful photos for your website. You can try to take some yourself, work with a professional photographer, or use image banks. Nothing stops you from using these three options for different projects or needs. If you want to read more about this subject or wish to learn more about using images efficiently, take a look at our article about how to master pictures for the web.