4 Reasons Why You Should Use Stories

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Social media are likely part been part of your marketing strategy for a long time. Do you hesitate to use Stories because you are unsure of what it can add to your online presence? If you read this article, you will quickly change your mind.

What is a Story exactly?

First things first, Stories were created by Snapchat in 2013. They were instantly successful: because of Stories, Snapchat daily users rose from 46 million to 293 million in 2021. This accomplishment is directly related to the innovative way people could interact with others, whether it is with friends, family members, or even clients.

Stories are created from photos and videos (nothing extraordinary up to that point); however, it is possible to use various filters, hashtags, GIFs, and texts directly from the application itself. Moreover, the Story disappears 24 hours after its publication.

Today, many social media platforms have decided to add Stories: LinkedIn (even if they are currently removing this function), Instagram, or even Facebook. They are as much used by professionals as by followers.  

How Stories can help your business

Get more visibility

First, Stories can help your business because they can increase your visibility. Stories appear directly on the top of the platform; they can then catch people's attention more easily. Moreover, you need to know that it is the more recent Stories that will appear first. Of course, the main goal here is not to submerge your clients by posting too many Stories, which could bore them and make them swipe to another account. But if you post at the right time, you will likely have the attention of your target audience. Each year, E-Commerce Nation gives us relevant information regarding social media audiences and the best time to post. It could be interesting to take a look at their statistics and adapt them to your own data.

Provide new content

Stories allow you to provide new content to your followers. Indeed, it is a novelty for everyone. Stories allow us to create different content when compared with a link or a simple image with a description. You need to use your creativity, whether it is through filters, stickers, or GIFs. In only a few seconds, you can create a Story to promote a special offer that will disappear after 24 hours. This can positively surprise your followers.

Add a human touch

This social media functionality can add a more human touch and proximity since followers can interact directly with the Story and the person who posted it. Indeed, it is possible to write a message or send a sticker directly from the Story. It can also help you secure your followers' loyalty and know their opinion, whether it is by using the survey tool, answering their questions, creating quizzes, or even an event to promote the arrival of a new product. Finally, Stories will also allow you to do live content with other businesses or with your followers.

Improve the click rate

Since Stories are popular, most of the time, they generate a better click rate. Your followers need to click on the Story if they want to see it, unlike regular posts.

Please note that if you want to link a Story outside Instagram by using the swipe-up function, you need at least 10 000 followers (but you can do it on Snapchat without any follower restriction). Moreover, Facebook and LinkedIn do not provide this option; however, since Facebook owns Instagram, you can share a Story on Instagram and your Facebook page at the same time.

It is possible to write a link directly on the Story, but it is not recommended. Since Stories only last for 24 hours, it would be better to invite your followers to click on the link on your bio. You can change the link on your bio if needed.

Today, Stories are mainly used on Instagram (and, to some extent, on Facebook). Instagram then developed a new functionality called Highlight Stories. They are different from regular Stories since they do not disappear after 24 hours. This functionality allows you to gather specific Stories under different albums that will appear on your profile. It is also possible to add older Stories to your albums since Instagram saves them; however, you cannot add Highlight Stories directly from your personal gallery.

You can use Highlight Stories to:

  • Present your employees

  • Present your different products

  • FAQ

  • Promote events

  • Share relevant content for your clients

In conclusion, your Stories must be used to tell stories (where the name comes from) related to you, your values, what you represent, and what you offer. Therefore, try them! It will not be a waste of time since it only takes a few seconds to show your spontaneity! In addition, if you are not inspired by what surrounds you, do not hesitate to take more time to make a montage. If you need more help, here are 5 tools to help you edit photos without Photoshop.