How to Improve Customer Service Efficiency

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There is a paradox in the traditional customer service system that improving the quality of service is equal to increasing the cost. Better service quality involves more personnel, added salaries, workstations, utilities, etc., which makes businesses hesitant to move steps. While using a live chat system might be a good choice. Here are some tips.

With the booming Internet era, consumer relations interconnectivity breaks the previous chain of circles between people and consumer voices are amplified. At the same time, according to Ai Media Consulting survey data, 75% of customers are abandoning purchases due to dissatisfaction with customer service. Over 40% of customers are dissatisfied with customer service and do not recommend purchasing to others. Obviously, customer service to some certain extent determines the sales of a company's products. Due to the COVID, the digital business has accelerated for the past 2 years. And we found that consumers are more willing to use digital services for their safety and convenience, so customer service is becoming more and more business-centric, and service is at the core of business competitiveness.

Use a live chat system 

Establish a standard process: One way is to collect and organize FAQ and train all agents, so that every service agent can provide a consistent resolution and answer to the same client questions, thus improving resolution effectiveness. Another more effective way is to use a live chat system that can quickly locate customers’ problems and automatically present optional solutions to service agents, such as quick responses, knowledge bases, documents, etc.

Service task division and grouping: Every service agent normally has their own familiarity and expertise, and appropriate task division and grouping by product or project. The customer level enables the service team to deal with all kinds of consulting problems with ease, while when encountering complex and difficult problems can be immediately transferred to senior and experienced service agents, making the whole consulting process fast and efficient. 

Customer portrait classification: classifying customer portraits, such as by age, gender, depth of product page access, and other attributes, and pre-classifying and assigning customers to a suitable service agent, can effectively improve the efficiency of consultation. With the power of the BestChat system, it will be easier and more efficient. The BestChat system can automatically carry out customer chat routing according to products, service channels, business field of the enterprise, and assign service requests to different service groups or agents accordingly.

Encourage customer self-service

Commonly used solutions for customer inquiries include help files, live chat, phone, and email. Therefore, businesses must offer their customers a variety of effective problem-solving channels. Of course, in order to reduce learning costs for customers, this method should be clear, simple, and practical, such as referral documents, chatbots, help desk, etc., which can help the service team filter some customer consultation with simple and repetitive questions. According to a survey, chatbot help desks reduce simple, repetitive consultations by 80%, allowing the service team to focus on complex issues or customer marketing.

Provide personalized service

With tools like live chat software, CRM system, and other customer-related systems, businesses could easily identify customers with their previous chat history, order history, currently browsing items, and frequency. With all this information, service agents could quickly understand the customers’ needs. And for customers’ end, they don’t need to repeat their requests and situation again and again. With all these information, the personalized service by service agents will more likely to delight customers in time and even contribute to an order directly. What’s more, providing personalized service is a long-term relationship establishing process with customers. The more personalized service the business could provide, the less likely a customer will change their purchase platform to others. 

Establish efficient coordination 

Efficient collaboration between different departments: Service team inevitably leads to communication with other departments such as R&D, products, logistics etc. It is very important to keep in close and timely contact with these departments, which will lead to smoother and more efficient both in customer feedback and product optimization. 

Efficient coordination of various systems: Customer service data is actually an important part of a company's data flow. Data from logistics systems, CRM systems, ERP systems, ordering systems and other systems is usually isolated. For the customer service team, the data flow is slow and inefficient. This indicates that customer problems are impossible to be resolved quickly. While, the BestChat system can be used to link the various systems of the enterprise so that the workflow and data flow through one platform can achieve information sharing. Therefore, the flow of business and linkage improved the overall efficiency of service and marketing. 

In conclusion, equipped with live chat systems, businesses could train their service agents to provide personalized service to improve customer service efficiency. Improving the efficiency of customer service in this time is a vital part of digital markets. The BestChat system is committed to helping businesses improve their customer service performance and efficiency. Interested? Try BestChat and acquire a free trial (up to 3 months).