How a Mood Board Can Help You Create a Website

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It can be challenging to start a website from scratch. What style are you looking for? What colors choose? Some may find it difficult to know what they want for their site. Why not take the time to create a mood board? This can surely help you get ideas and plans on paper. Let see what exactly a mood board is and how it can help you create your website.

What is a mood board?

Let’s start with this: what is a mood board exactly? A mood board is an assembly of different inspiring elements for a specific project. It can help you create a visual identity. Mood boards can be used in various domains, like design, interior design, landscaping, and websites. Whether you decide to create a site yourself or not, it is relevant to take the time to make a mood board because it can help you find inspiration and share what you have in mind. It is also possible to create a physical or a digital mood board, as you prefer.

How to create a mood board

Now, how can you create a mood board? Which elements should you include in it? To be honest, it depends on your needs. For example, if you want to create a mood board for a website, you can add site templates that you like, photos, illustrations, different typographies, color palettes, etc. In sum, add all the elements that you find inspiring regarding your project. You can also add keywords to it since it can help you explain what for are looking for.

Let’s say that you want to create a new website. Of course, we recommend you make a plan that will include all the pages you need and their structure. You can also draw what you have in mind on a sheet of paper. Once the skeleton of your site is created, let’s give it a visual identity. Start by finding website templates that you like. You can always take a look at WebSelf’s templates if needed; we have more than 200! Then, find the right colors for your visual identity. There must be a certain contrast between the nuances to ease the readability.

Regarding this, let us introduce you to a tool that we like: Coolors. Coolors is a color palette generator. You have access to palettes made by their experts or create a customized one. It is effortless to use, and we are sure it will help you find the perfect colors for your website and mood board.

Finally, add everything you think would be relevant for your site to your mood board. It can be different fonts or a specific type of picture or illustration. This way, you will have everything in hand to create your website easily. Also, do not forget to include elements of your brand (logo, colors, fonts) in a brand guide once they are chosen.

Pinterest: The perfect tool to find inspiration

But where can you find inspiration? Here is another tip: Pinterest is the platform where you can find everything you need! It is the perfect place to get new ideas and inspiration for many projects. Indeed, on Pinterest, you can scroll thousands of pictures and images related to your searches and gather them on different boards. It is a very interesting option if you do not want to create a physical mood board.

The way Pinterest works is very simple. Start by searching and look at the related pictures. When one of them interests you, you can click on it to save it on a board or click on the link to know more about it. Also, when you click on a pin (an image on Pinterest) and scroll down, the platform will offer you some similar ones because of their algorithms. You can scroll endlessly; Pinterest will always have something to show you. In sum, it is easy to create mood boards on this social media platform, and you can share them if needed.

You can use Pinterest to find ideas for many projects. It can be to find new vegan recipes, create decorations for Halloween, or arrange different accessories. Personally, I use Pinterest to create my books’ universes. I look for landscapes and drawings that represent the places or characters. During the writing process, it is then easier to show what I have in mind. Furthermore, we need to mention that the use of Pinterest is increasing and used mainly by women.

In conclusion, mood boards can be a great resource to help you create a website. Start by finding inspiring elements and gather them at the same place. As mentioned, Pinterest can surely help you create many mood boards for your different projects. If you are looking for more inspiration, do not hesitate to look at websites created by our clients

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