How to Create Better Stories for Instagram

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Let’s continue our series on the Stories. Indeed, after we learned why you should use Stories as a strategic marketing tool, we will explain how to use them in order to catch your potential customers’ attention.

A few words about Stories

If we sum up what the concept of a Story is, they are stories that stay temporary. This ephemeral characteristic is important and has a direct impact on how to create Stories for social media.

There are rules regarding the creation of Stories. First, you should take a vertical picture or video, preferably with your smartphone. Why should you use a smartphone instead of a camera? It will then be more authentic, and you will save time by avoiding transferring your files from a device to another one. You might be less spontaneous if you use a camera too. Furthermore, Stories can help you publish original content that cannot be found on your other social media pages.

Here are some tips to help you create amazing Stories:

Which kind of content is best for your activity?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. You know that you must create Stories, but why? What should you post? If we take as an example WebSelf’s Instagram account, it is used to share special promotions, giveaways, and quick tips on how to use our website builder. The temporary feature is then relevant for these kinds of content. If we decide to use Instagram in a business way, it would be to present our employees and our activities. 

Try all decorative features available for Stories

Once you know what kind of content you want to publish, you need to create the Stories. It might seem challenging if we are not a designer or an influencer. Of course, Instagram wants to help and provides various filters, gifs, or even music in order to create something dynamic, especially if you create them from pictures.

Try all engagement features for Stories

It can be difficult to connect with your customers, especially those located thousands of miles away from your store. The last two years did not help either. Many Instagram features that were not created during the pandemic were handy to keep in contact with our communities. Indeed, whether it is with quizzes, surveys, or question/answers, it was kind of simple to help your customers or understand their needs.

What is best regarding engagement? 

Now that you know that there are a lot of features that can help you create great Stories and you know what you want to promote, what is best regarding engagement? What do people like?

People are generally curious; they want to know everything. If a product interests them, they want you to be available anytime to explain everything they need to know. If they have a problem, it is the same thing. Therefore, if you always have the same questions in your DMs, it might be the perfect time to make a Story that answers their needs. You can surely teach and explain things in Stories.

Videos are also better than pictures regarding catching people’s attention. Of course, you can post pictures; however, take the time to create a professional-looking video from time to time since it is the format with the most engagement. As mentioned above, you do not need a super camera and super editing software to create Stories. Your smartphone and the Instagram features will be your best friends.

Moreover, as we already said in other blog articles, it is authenticity that really matters. Therefore, you do not need a three-piece suit to appear in a video. Be natural, professional, and use an understandable language. Do not make things too complicated since it will likely be a waste of time. Be precise and stick to the point.

On another note, when you start creating Stories, you must not stop. People spend as much time watching Stories as scrolling pictures. You must then be visible to these people in order to create a certain presence in their universe. If you need help, find when you should post on social media

If you feel creative and feel that the features available on Instagram are not sufficient anymore, here are a few apps that can help you create Stories and videos:

  • PlayPlay

  • Story Creator

  • Mojo

Finally, we recommend that you have some fun when you create Stories. People like serious businesses that can create entertaining content. If you need other tips about Instagram, you can take a look at our article about how to manage your social media like a pro