Ways to promote your business without using social media

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While big businesses can afford to quit social media, it's difficult for smaller businesses that rely heavily on these platforms for brand promotion and sales. After all, a growing company has limited options other than relying on these low-cost yet effective marketing tools. 

As many as 87% of Gen Z shoppers found inspiration from social media for their holiday purchases in 2021, especially YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Despite that, we are becoming increasingly wary of these platforms. 

After whistleblower Frances Haugen’s scoop revealed how Facebook participated in some shady affairs, the Delete Facebook movement has gained traction. Big brands like Lush have come forward with announcements that they are quitting Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

​However, you’d be surprised to know that your business may do better not using social media than it may be doing so. Read on as we share tips on how you can beat the competition without social media.

Posters and flyers still work

Yes, one of marketing’s oldest avatars still can rake in good business. You’ll only have to do some research to identify where you should put them up. If the research is effective, you’ll be surprised by how effective these tools can still be in drawing customers to your business. 

Place your flyers at places where people gather, like coffee shops, bars, or town squares. Putting up large and colorful posters that can grab eyeballs on your windows and walls also tells people about your business, helping you communicate with them. 

Communicate with people, network

When you are passionate about your business, it shows. The passion comes through when you talk to others about your business. When you find someone interested in your product or service, speak to them about what you have on offer. 

It can do wonders in popularizing your business and building brand awareness. Apart from talking about your business, you should also listen to what other running companies say about the market and brand promotion. It helps you get feedback from people who have ‘been there and done that.’ You can also attend conferences where experts are invited as speakers. You can learn great marketing techniques there. 

Engage with bloggers

Here’s another effective way of marketing your business online without using social media. Get in touch with bloggers willing to write about your business. While some will create a blog simply for content, some may ask for a few products they can review. 

Some may even want a discount code to gain popularity among their readers while promoting your business. You've only got to make sure that the blogger's readership includes people looking for what you offer. Many of such inquiries can end with successful affiliate partnerships, which can work better than any social media campaign. 

Offer branded stuff for free

You must have picked up many free pens, rulers, water bottles, and much more carrying a company’s name and other information on them. Handing out such free items is a great way to connect with your customers. Every time the customers use the item, they think about your business. Or, to the very least, users get reminded of your brand.

This marketing strategy creates brand recall value. You can buy these items in bulk for significantly less. Don’t just limit yourself to the mundane pens and rulers. Try picking something a bit unusual that goes well with what you offer. 

Use email marketing campaigns

You don't need to avoid all forms of internet marketing because you want to stay clear of social media marketing. With email marketing, you have a more straightforward tool at your disposal. You simply seek permission from your customers before you put them on your email list. 

If they agree, you can send them updates about new launches and provide coupons and other promotional material. Just make sure that you don't go overboard. Ensure that these email messages hold value and do not waste the recipients' time. 

Show ads to potential users

Ads are everywhere, and finding your niche is significant to determine which sites should feature your promotional content. For this, you will need to perform lengthy research on your clients, likely generating a profile of your customer. Additionally, you might target specific markets, like people in Europe or strictly in America. Therefore, you might need to perform market analysis from a completely different region. 

Figure out your competitors and their routines by using a VPN. After all, a Virtual Private Network can help you manipulate your IP address and, in turn, the location associated with you. As a result, you can browse without restrictions or unblock LinkedIn in areas where this robust network is blocked. Technically, LinkedIn is also a social platform, but you might consider retaining access to it to find potential partners or job candidates. 


Awareness about the ills of social media is rising. Businesses are looking for promotion without using it. Traditional methods like putting up flyers and posters are still effective. Talking about your interaction with others helps since you can gain valuable feedback. 

Getting bloggers to write about your business helps you engage with your customers. Offering free items can create fantastic brand recall value. Sending out emails with updates enables you to connect with customers. Use these tried and tested methods to reach out to your market. 


Stacey Wonder is a content marketer who enjoys sharing best practices for self-development and careers with others. In her free time, Stacey is fond of contemporary dance and classic French movies.