11 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Content for TikTok

11 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Content for TikTok

Last year, WebSelf’s team started to create videos for TikTok. To remain relevant to the latest trends, we had several training courses to help us. We also made many videos and took the time to analyze the results. If you want to become a pro, here are 11 questions to ask yourself when you create content for TikTok, according to our experience and the courses we had last year.

Is it creative?

Here is our first question: is it creative content? On TikTok, you do not necessarily have to create content with profound meaning; however, since there are millions of creators, you might need some creativity if you want to stand out. Take the time to watch videos to find relevant ideas and do various tests. 

Is it authentic?

In the same vein, since there are already millions of accounts and videos, a way to stand out is to remain authentic. Use what makes you unique as the foundation of your videos. Even if you decide to use a trend, think about adding a personal touch. This way, it will be easier to recognize you. 

Is the intro captivating?

TikTok users watch a significant number of videos quickly. Consequently, you only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention and convince them to watch the entire video. Here is a little tip: start your TikTok video with something catchy or captivating information. The first three seconds make all the difference. 

If you want to create quality content, using a video editing software could be useful. 

Am I using the perfect music?

When you find the perfect music for your video, you increase your chances of being noticed. Sure, you can choose a track randomly, but we recommend you take the time to select a currently trending track. A way to do it is to use a trendy audio track and create relevant content from it. And since there are always new songs and tracks, it will help you find new ideas for your TikTok videos.

Is my video too long?

The longer a video is, the more chances someone decides to move on to another one. TikTok has increased many times the maximum length of videos on its platform in the last years; however, it does not mean that you must always use all of the available time. Do different tests and try to remain interesting by adding something captivating throughout the video. 

Is my video too short?

On the other hand, ensure that your videos are also not too short. If they only last a few seconds, adding something relevant or conveying a meaningful message will be difficult. According to our tests, we noticed that we had better results when our videos lasted more than 10 seconds. You can also decide to split a lengthier video into smaller ones.

Did I think about subtitles?

People may use TikTok without hearing anything. In order to allow them to follow what is going on in your video, it is strongly recommended to add subtitles. This way, users will be able to read the text. It is also something interesting if you want to create content in different languages. 

Here is a tip we discovered in our training courses: if you want people to watch your videos many times, ensure they cannot read all the text the first time they see it. 

Did I think about the caption?

TikTok allows you to add a caption to your videos. The platform also decided to increase the number of allowed characters to 2200 in 2022 (it was 300 before). Of course, it is optional to use all of the available characters; however, take the time to write a short description that explains the content of your video every time you publish something on this platform. 

Did I use relevant hashtags?

In the caption, you can also add hashtags to your videos. It is important to remember that it is not because you use a specific hashtag that your TikTok video will magically become trendy with millions of views. Hashtags are mostly there to help algorithms. Consequently, think about using relevant and niche hashtags related to your business, content, and field if you want to stand out. 

Did I use a call-to-action?

TikTok can surely help you increase your sales and traffic to your website; however, to achieve it, you need some call-to-actions. At the end of the video, think about finishing everything with a request. For example, you can encourage people to like, comment, or share your video. You can also invite them to enjoy a special offer or participate in a contest by visiting your website.

Did I check my statistics?

Your statistics can give you some precious information on the content you create on TikTok. Of course, there is the number of views, but do you know what types of people like your videos? Where do they come from? Is your content liked by men or women? By knowing your audience, it will be easier to create relevant videos. 

In conclusion, TikTok can help you increase your brand awareness. Remember to create creative and authentic content. If you do not have time to create new videos, do not forget that you can always work with influencers. They can help you publish content that will draw attention to your target audience. Good luck!