What Can You Sell in an Online Store?

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Nowadays, many people want to supplement their income. A way to do it is to sell online. Several tools like WebSelf are now available to help you with e-commerce. But what can you sell in an online store exactly? Let us find a few suggestions in this article, so you can also start making money online.

A few ideas for your online store

Online stores have been created with WebSelf for many years. There is one for everyone’s taste; we find stores selling jewelry, fashion accessories, subscriptions, training courses, custom products, food, etc. It is indeed the creativity of our clients that inspired us to write this article.

Here are a few suggestions of things you can sell on an online store. Of course, it is possible to sell something outside our list.

Physical products

Let us start with the physical products. It is undoubtedly the most popular type of product in online stores right now. Whether you are a handy or creative person, it is possible to sell your work. It is crucial to keep in mind the shipping fees. The heavier your product is, the more expensive the shipping fees will be.

If we look at online stores made with WebSelf, you have the opportunity to sell different physical products. Among the most popular, we can find food (tea, granola, spices), clothes (costumes, swimming gear), accessories (jewelry, gifts for children), candles, soaps, stationery items, alcohol, etc. Start by asking yourself what you want to create, and then think about how you could commercialize your passion. For example, you can sell your creations in an online store, whether you knit, paint, or bake.

When you create a product on WebSelf, you only need to select Physical as the product type.

Digital products

Selling 100% digital products in an online store is also possible. It could be very interesting since there are no shipping costs. Furthermore, for a long time, the most performing online store created with WebSelf sold digital patterns. Clients only had to choose the clothes patterns they wanted, and after the payment, they received their order by email. Adding a few digital products to complement your physical products on your online store could also be interesting to increase your revenues.

Here are a few suggestions if you are looking for relevant digital products to sell in an online store. First, you can sell training courses, recipes, and ebooks. Many people also sell digital tools that can be printed (school exercises, crafts). Among the examples we find on online stores made with WebSelf, we see training courses to learn how to apply eyelashes and many digital books. 

When you create a new product on WebSelf, you only need to choose Digital as the product type. You can then add a document that will be automatically sent to your clients after the purchase.


If you want to sell services, it is also an option in online stores. Indeed, many professionals provide the possibility to purchase a service like an appointment. Consequently, if you are a consultant in a specific field, it could be relevant to sell your services directly in an online store. 

Among the online stores created with WebSelf, we find customized courses with a dog trainer, coaching seances, and appointments related to well-being. We recommend adding an online booking system to your website to ease the process. This way, after the purchase, your clients can book a moment according to your availability without you having to do anything. 

When you create a new product on WebSelf, choose the Service option for the product type.

If you want to check some online stores created with our builder to find inspiration, do not hesitate to look at our Examples page. These are websites and online stores created by entrepreneurs and passionate people like you!

Create an online store with WebSelf

Now that you know better what you want to sell, why should you choose WebSelf to create your online store? First, WebSelf is an easy-to-use website builder that is perfect for beginners. You only need to create your products and fill out the different sections to have a functional online store. 

Moreover, we also have a few resources to help you. Indeed, whether you are a web pro or not, you have access to our customer service agents and help center. You will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers at this place. Many articles on how to create an online store or sell your products are also available on our blog.

Please note that you will need the eCommerce plan to create an online store with WebSelf. Our prices are competitive, and we have a few promotions throughout the year, which can be perfect for someone who wants to launch a new project. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our current special offers.

In conclusion, selling nearly everything in an online store is possible. Whether it is candles, jewelry, comforters, training courses, ebooks, or private consultations with you, there are great chances that you already have something to offer. If you are ready to start, do not hesitate to look at our website templates, especially for online stores. Good luck!