Is It Still Pertinent in 2019 to Have a Blog?

Image blog WebSelfAccording to the latest statistics, there are now more than one billion websites! Yes, you read that right: one billion!  There exists one website for 7 humans. It seems nowadays that everyone has a blog: companies, political parties or associations, influencers… Is it still relevant to have a blog with all this important competition? Yes! However, we need to warn you that it is more difficult than before to reach and retain visitors. Here 3 reasons why you should have a blog in 2019 after all.

To help your website indexing

It is known that a blog can help your corporate or personal website referring. In fact, the more a website has good quality pages, the more it can have the attention of search engines. These value especially to see new content often. You can have a look at other blogs to see how many articles they have and their post frequency.

What do you need to think about for your referring when you write an article? To start with, do not exaggerate with the use of keywords. Make sure that your articles are enjoyable to read. If your followers realize that your texts are a clumsy attempt to gain a better position on search engines, it then means that you got too far. If an article is liked, complete, of good quality, and not only a 100 words paragraph full of grammar errors, this same article should be appreciated by Google too. Moreover, opt for the use of internal links and backlinks as well. Indeed, take the time to create roads between your website’s pages or add high-quality quotes from other articles in your texts (but do not forget to mention where they come from).

Image blog WebSelf

To increase your authority and your credibility

The more you blog on a specific topic, the more you will increase your authority on that same topic on the internet. In fact, if you have 20 reliable articles on the same question or theme (you must not forget that quality is more important than quantity if you want to stand out), you will start to be considered as an expert in the field. Therefore, someone who would like to know more on this topic could end up on your blog since search engines will consider you to be a pertinent source. The main goal here is to look for visibility amidst all this increasing infobesity. This is especially important if you offer a product or a service.

Do you know the myth of the blogger and the scientific? When a crisis occurred linked with a distinct and not that known topic, journalists had little time to find information. These make research and find two types of articles. First, they find a blog on that topic with many popularized and recent articles. Second, they find some complicated scientific essays that were written a few years ago. Who will the journalists use as a reference due to their lack of time? As you can guess, the blogger will be selected in this case. Although this person might not have a Ph.D. on this matter, he or she seems more accessible. Aim to become this contact person within your specialty.

To reach and retain new readers

A blog can help you build awareness and increase the number of followers. In fact, if you are a business and you often write on topics related to your products, a person may well discover what you offer and make a purchase. We then suggest you take a look from times to times on your Google Analytics and Google Search Console pages to check which of your articles bring you visibility. You will then be able to see which ones are read the most and get inspired by them.

It is also known that you need to reach your audience through different communication channels such as social media, however, the blog is a tool often forgotten. Furthermore, your blog articles can easily be social media content, as well as social media can be a gateway to your website. People are more likely to share blog content and articles if they find them interesting and relevant.

In conclusion, as mentioned in other WebSelf articles, it is possible to have success with your website if you take the time to work on it a few hours per month. Your performance and your referring are both linked to the discipline you will have with your website. You might not be able to live from your blog for the first times, however, you will gain visibility and credibility with time. Are you afraid that you will not be up to the expectations? Take the time to choose realistic goals and take a look at our article 4 tips to help you write blog content.

Image blog WebSelf