Did You Think About Your Website Before Leaving on Vacation?

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Summer is now almost upon us. You surely must be preparing for your next holidays. Will this year be at the beach or in the mountains? We are sure that you are thrilled to leave your office for a while. Does checking your website is part of your things to do before leaving? What can you do to make sure your vacation does not affect your website and all your visibility efforts?  

Do not become fearful of leaving. You deserve your holidays and there are many benefits to take some time to rest or explore a new place. Many studies have shown over time that holidays are necessary to help you take care of your psychological health, as well as your productivity. There are, however, a few things that you must prepare to make sure your leave will not have any impact on your website. Here are our suggestions regarding this.

Mention It

If you are traveling abroad for a few weeks without any access to the internet, you should mention your absence on your website or your social media. You could also have an automatic answer programmed on your email to explain that you are absent for a while and that you will answer all requests when you come back. If, however, you know that you will have access to your website during your trip, you can add a mention that your response time might take longer than usual. We are sure that your followers will accept that you need a break as most human beings do!

Regarding your online shop, if you manage it alone you can put your items unavailable during a precise period of time or notify your customers that there will be a shipping delay. We do not suggest you use promo codes during that time since you probably do not want to have an important quantity of orders to ship when you come back.

*Reminder: In many situations, it is discouraged to mention on your personal social media that you are going on vacation. It happened in the past that up to no good contacts stole people because they knew they were not at home. Therefore, publish your best vacation pictures when you come back!

Ask for Help

You can ask a friend to help you during your absence, especially if you are worried to leave your website. Of course, you need to take someone you trust to do the job. It can be a family member, a friend or even a very active follower. The person will then be able to answer requests or make sure everything goes right while you take some rest. Moreover, why not use collaborators to assist you on a daily basis? It is one of the tips given in our article 4 Tips to Help Write More Content. It can help you take off some weight off your shoulders. It is not always easier to do everything by yourself.

Get Ready

It is possible to prepare the publication of your blog articles or social media posts. You can create them in advance and ensure they are published during your leave. This will give the impression that you are there and you will keep the same diffusion rate. It is always better to have some ideas or blog articles in advance if you get very busy. Write down all ideas and do not hesitate to use the off-peak time to make some provision. We also suggest you make a publication schedule in order to follow all your actions in an easier way.

Do you have a blog on your WebSelf website? Here is how you can prepare your articles in advance on the blog manager.

  1. Go on the website editor, and then on your blog section.

  2. Click on the blog, and then on Manage blog.

  3. Click top right on Create a new post, fill all sections with your content (title, date, author, text), as you would normally do with any articles.

  4. In the column located right, choose the posting date, as well as the posting time. The publication of your article will set at the chosen time.

It is as simple as that. Your articles will then be published automatically during your absence. You can also prepare your Facebook posts in advance by clicking on the publishing tool option, and then on scheduled publications. No one will suspect that you are out of town!

In conclusion, you deserve your holidays and you should take full advantage of this rest time. As it is often the case, you only need to prepare your absence as you would do it at your job. Put your work on an order, prepare your articles in advance, and avoid to look at your laptop or your mobile phone during your holidays. We are sure that you will then come back motivated and ready for new challenges! The whole WebSelf team wishes you some amazing summer vacation!