Why Your Restaurant Should Have a WebSite?

Image blog WebSelfAre you a chef or do you own a restaurant or a catering service? Do you dream of owning your own coffee shop or trattoria? You may very well be better at making a risotto than managing a website or social media. Then, why should you take the time to leave your kitchen to create a website for your restaurant? Is it really worth it?

The importance of a website

There are many reasons why your restaurant or your cook talents should be on a website. We know that you put a lot of time and passion in your dishes; therefore, why not take the time to show your skills? A website allows you to regroup all information related to your restaurant at the same place. You can then add a map or the directions to your restaurant, your menus, prices, story… thus, everything you want. People like to have access to the menu when they are looking for a place to eat. Take advantage of this opportunity by adding recommendations or to link the Trip Advisor page of your restaurant to your website. Moreover, do not forget to put many mouth-watering pictures of your dishes on your website to gain the attention of potential customers.

On another note, it will be easier to find you on search engines if your restaurant has its own website. In fact, if someone is looking for an Italian restaurant in Lyon and you put these keywords on your website (title tag and meta-description, for instance), it is likely that this person will find your website through his search. Consequently, this helps your restaurant get known and can increase your sales. Make sure to have a website of good quality, use keywords related to your field of activities, and avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

Why WebSelf is an interesting option for your restaurant’s website?

If you do not know WebSelf, it is a website editor that allows you to make your own website in only three steps: choose a design, customize it, and publish your website! No technical knowledge is required, you only need your creativity and your mouse to make your own website. Furthermore, besides being simple, one of WebSelf’s greatest strength is to offer a lot of elegant templates of which many were made for restaurants. We invite you to take a look at our available website templates. There is one for everyone’s taste, whether you have a coffee shop, an Asian restaurant, or that you are a foodie!

Some authentic examples of restaurant websites made with WebSelf (in French)

Do you need some inspiration before starting to work? Are you afraid to leap? We would like to present you 3 authentic examples of websites made with WebSelf that are related to restaurants. They will surely inspire you!

 Le Coton

A picture is worth a thousand words and Le Coton knows it. In fact, it is possible to find a lot of pictures of the place, their events, and of course, their dishes from the home page. They used professional and neat pictures that deserve to be there. The website design is simple and light, however, it focuses on the most important things: food and conviviality. Le Coton’s team is also very active on social media. Do not hesitate to take a look at what they do to get inspiration for Instagram, for instance!

 La Rauracienne

La Rauracienne’s website is the perfect example of what you can do with WebSelf’s editor. From the home page, you can find a summary of the place, its story, its location but also its menu and its upcoming special events. This website uses a lot of call-to-action buttons to invite its visitors to discover other sections of their website, according to their needs. The website’s elements are placed in a harmonious way. Their menu is also available with pictures of the available dishes that we can also find in the gallery section. Thus, this website must help La Rauracienne to be found by potential customers!

La Table des Saveurs

Done with love as their cuisine, La Table des Saveurs’ website is a tool that helps them show this place universe. You do not have to do something complicated to present your restaurant. As La Table des Saveurs did, choose a simple template and customize it with your texts but mostly with the best pictures of your dishes. It is interesting to know the story and motivation behind their success. Once again, their menu is easily accessible and we can find information related to the place, the open hours on their ‘Where to find us’’ page. 

In conclusion, we hope that these 3 examples help you get inspiration in order to create your own restaurant website. As mentioned above, you do not need to hold a degree in computer science to be present on the internet. Start by choosing one of the templates made especially for you, customize it with pictures of your best dishes, your menu, and your coordinates, and then publish it. You will then be free to cook and answer your new customers’ needs! Good appetite!