The Perfect Website for Your Sports Team

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Do you spend hours teaching a sport but have no website up to your passion? You certainly have no time to waste on the internet with all your training. You are also more likely to be better with a ball than with web development. WebSelf is then the perfect solution for you. Whether it is for your team or your sports club, you only need to follow three steps in order to create your own website!

Look for a Dynamic Design

The first step of the creation process will be to choose a template. To begin with, we suggest you look for a dynamic design that will be the basis of your website. Did you know that WebSelf has more than 200 different templates? It does not matter whether you are in a swimming, a football or an archery team: you have the right to have a beautiful website. To help you in your search you can take a look at our Sport & Recreation template category. You can also choose a template from another category and customize it with your texts and pictures.

During your website creation process, be inspired by your logo or your colors. Do not hesitate to add your sports team logo on the header or the footer too. In addition, we suggest you include many pictures or videos in order to make your website livelier. It will help you get more registrations.

Add All Important Information and Your Story

The second step in the website creation process is customization. In fact, it is the moment when you must add your texts and pictures in order that the chosen template becomes your own website. As mentioned above, do not hesitate to add your logo, as well as many pictures of your team, club or school. Moreover, do not forget to put all the important information regarding your organization such as the time, the place, and the price, for example. It would also be interesting that your website has a page on the story of your team, the prizes you have won, as well as a contact form if people want to ask you questions.

A Few Authentic Examples

We know that it is often easier to be inspired when you have some examples. We then found you four authentic WebSelf websites related to sports! (all examples are in French)

Libra Yoga

Image blog WebSelfWe stumbled upon this website and we were charmed by their complete and elegant home page. Everything is well balanced and it is possible to have a summary of all important information at first sight. Do you know what is the owner of Libra Yoga tip regarding the creation of your website? Take your time and do not hesitate to contact our web agents if needed!

Judo Club Targon

Image blog WebSelfNow let’s take a look at the world of martial arts with Judo Club Targon. This school bet on a strong home page. Buttons were also added to bring visitors on the right page for them regarding the course category or their age. In addition, three colors were used in the creation of the website, black, white, and red. It is important to choose a maximum of three colors when you create your website in order that it stays consistent and harmonious.

Tennis Club Sainte-Eulalie

Image blog WebSelfWho said the creation of your website should be complicated? Gather together all information regarding your team or your sports organization, and add many pictures as did Tennis Club Sainte-Eulalie. You will find on their website their schedule, their fees, as well as how to reach the administrators. Did you know that you could create a free website with WebSelf? In fact, we allow you to have a 5-page website including the site hosting, a domain name, and all our templates options free of charge!

In conclusion, we hope that you will score many goals with your awesome website. Everybody can use WebSelf, even athletes! Start by choosing a design you like and then add info like your fees, schedule, and story. When you are satisfied with the final result, you only need to click on the PUBLISH button. It is as simple as that. Your team members will like to find everything they need at the same place! We wish you a lot of success!