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WebSelf’s team includes customer service agents that answer your questions whether by ticket, email or phone. They can answer questions on your domain name, how to create your e-shop or the best design you should use for your company website. We are here to help you. Recently we have noted that many questions were asked frequently. We have then decided to gather many answers at the same place in one article.    

Is WebSelf Free?

WebSelf offers many options and one of them is a free plan without any time limit. This allows you to create a website of a maximum of 5 pages with all the basic features we offer, as well as access to all our templates. We will also give you a sub-domain. We also have an article on how to create a free website with WebSelf. We suggest you take a look at it!  

Will It Stay Free for Ever?

As mentioned above, our free plan is free and it will stay free. Therefore, if you decide to make a free website, it will stay free. It is as simple as that! You must, however, connect to your website at least once per 6 months if you want that your website stays on the internet.

Will My Website Be Visible on Search Engines Like Google?

Yes. You must first have published your website and wait a few days before your website can be shown as a search engine result. You can see if your website is visible on Google on your website’s dashboard. At the end of the page, there will be a button that you can click on to verify if your website is optimized for search engines or no.

Will My Website Be Accessible on Smartphones?

Yes. All WebSelf websites are available on smartphones. You can customize your website in a different way for the mobile version if you want to. Go on the website editor and then click on the mobile icon located top right of the page. You will also have access to an overview of your website on mobile and you will be able to modify sections if you want.

Does WebSelf offer a Monthly Subscription?

Yes. It is possible to choose a monthly subscription option for your WebSelf website. You can find the list of all our plans and monthly subscription packages on our pricing page. At the middle of the page, you will find a button where it is written Monthly and Yearly. Click on the time period you want and then on Get Started! If you plan to keep your website for a long period of time, we suggest you choose one of our yearly subscription packages since it gives you a better rate.

Can I Have a Professional Domain Name for My Website?

To start with, all WebSelf websites come with a basic domain name. If you choose the free plan, you can choose a domain name that will have a sub-domain. If you choose the Basic package, you can connect a domain name you already bought, buy a domain name on WebSelf or use a sub-domain. The Pro and Business packages include a personalized domain. If you want to learn more on this topic, we suggest you read our article on what a domain name is. 

Can I Have an Email Address Linked to my Professional Domain Name?

Yes. If you choose the Pro or Business package, it will include an email address based on your domain name if use the domain name provided by WebSelf. You will even have access to 5 different email addresses if you choose the annual Business package. If you did not take a domain name, you can use the contact form with your own email address too.

Can I Create Customer Accounts with WebSelf?

No. It is not possible to create customer accounts with WebSelf. You have, however, the possibility to create secured pages with passwords with the Pro and Business packages. To do so, you only have to create a page and secure it with a password you will need to share with your members or customers. You can take a look at our protect a page tutorial if you want to read more about this.

Can I Have an Online Shop with WebSelf?

Yes. You can have an online shop with WebSelf. We have many templates made especially for e-shops. The Pro and Business packages offer you the possibility to create your own transactional boutique where our module will help you to manage your inventory and your prices easily. You can also find many well-done e-shop examples made with WebSelf here.

In conclusion, we hope we could manage to answer some of your questions. If you want to know more about how to do a good website, you can find many articles on many different topics like design, marketing, and WebSelf tools on our blog too. And if you did not find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us!

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