How to Create Your Online Community

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If you decided to start your own business, your blog or your online store, it is probably because you want to be known or have success. As you might already know, there are many steps before having a lot of followers on social media or people interested in your blog articles. Although you can pay to have more likes, it is also possible to create your online community otherwise. Here are some tips on how to be known on the Internet.

Are You Ready?

To start with, before having your first followers on social media and interact with them, you need to make sure that everything is ready. That being said, what we mean is that you must make sure that your website, your social media pages, and your branding are complete. We understand that you probably want to show to the world what you are working on.  We also understand that you might be impatient; however, if your targeted audience visits your website and it is not completed, they might never come back. It would be a shame to walk by interested visitors because you did not take the time to finish your website before publishing it. You probably want to look like someone professional, not like someone disorganized. 

What You Need to Verify on the Internet

We suggest you finish your WebSelf website before you publish it. On another note, we made a list of all you need to verify before pressing the publish button. In sum, you need to take the time to complete all sections of your website, as well as customizing all texts and pictures from the template. Thus, do not leave any “I am a paragraph” text. Did you also check all buttons and your links? Do your social media badges are linked with your own Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page? It is possible to modify the buttons and the links by clicking on what you want to change. Take also the time to customize the contact form with your information if you want to receive emails from your visitors. Finally, you could show your website to friends and family so they can check everything and give you comments. Make sure to proofread your texts too since they can harm your website indexing and your credibility.

What You Need to Verify on Social Media

You also need to check some elements on your social media before creating a community. Did you put a professional logo as your profile picture? Did you take the time to put a nice cover picture too? It is important to fill all the information regarding your business on social media, whether it is to add a link to your website, your email address, your address or even a description of what you do. One of the most frequent errors on Instagram is to forget to complete the bio. It will then be easier to have likes if your pages are complete and eye-catching, right?

Who Are You Targeting?

On another matter, before telling everyone that you exist, we suggest you think about these questions: who am I targeting? Who is my target clientele? For who am I doing this website, this e-shop or this blog? It is important to know who you need to target since you need to adapt your branding and your marketing to them. Men aged 50 do not have the same interests as a teenager aged 16. Be where your targeted audience is and adapt your website and your social media to them too. This will help you create your community and target the right people.

Create Good Content on a Regular Basis

When you know who you need to write for and when your website and your social media pages are completed, it is time to write some content! Whether it is for Facebook or your blog, to stand off the crowd and be taken seriously you need to publish good content on a regular basis. Try to find topics that will interest your targeted audience. The more it will be relevant, the more they will comment or share, giving you visibility. This can be through surveys, testimonies, tips or tricks, for example. Do not hesitate to share blog articles that could interest them too. Keep in mind to answer their needs first and use beautiful images to capture their attention. 

Look Outside Your Circles of Influence

When you know your basis, you can then look for more followers. You can explore keywords for instance, or look for groups or products that could be interested or complementary. Once more, you need to be relevant and answer your targeted audience needs if you do not want to look like a spammer. You can also ask for blog article exchanges with other websites or companies. If you do it, however, do not forget to ask that a link to your website, which is a backlink, is added on your article. Participate in conversation, interact with your followers, and stay up to date.

In conclusion, it is a thousand times better to have a smaller community with a lot of engagement than a huge one where nothing happens. Know how to aim for the right people since it will be easier to write and work for them. Take the time to complete your website and all your social media pages, identify who is your targeted audience, and then create content that will answer needs. It is true that you need patience and discipline to be successful, however, a solid base will help you to make it.