9 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

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There are many reasons why it is necessary that you have your own LinkedIn account in 2019. It can be to be found more easily by potential customers, to expand your network or to follow businesses that interest you. As we have seen it in our article 7 common mistakes to avoid on Instagram, there are things that you must not forget or avoid on LinkedIn. It is a very different social media than Facebook and Snapchat.

1- Not Having a LinkedIn Account

It seems rather obvious but if you are a young professional or someone with its own business, it is very important that you take the time to create an account on LinkedIn. This can help you get visibility and interesting business opportunities, especially when there are now more than 600 million members. LinkedIn can help you with networking too. When you have the business card of a potential customer or partner, connect with him or her on LinkedIn.

2- Forget to Add a Profile Picture

You are not Batman. You do not have to protect your secret identity if you are looking for a new job on LinkedIn. If you want to be found by headhunters, you need to put a profile picture. According to some statistics, you have 7 times more chances to be seen by headhunters if you have a profile picture. Obviously, you should put a professional picture of yourself. Leave your last vacation photos for Instagram.

3- Not Filling the Summary Section (or All Sections of Your Profile)

The summary of your LinkedIn profile is the first section located below your name and title. It is a place where you can write a short description of who you are, what you are looking for, and your successes. It is not exactly like a presentation page you add to your resumé. It is more a text on who you are as a professional worker. Write a text that represents you well. Once this section is done, do not forget to fill all other sections of your LinkedIn account.

4- Detail Your Tasks

Whether it is for your current job or last ones, we suggest you detail the tasks you had to do with each job you had. Do not assume that everyone knows what a project manager does, for instance; therefore, tell us what your daily tasks were in the job description. It is also suggested to use precise action verbs such as plan, manage, and support instead of more generic verbs like do or make. Take this opportunity to verify if you used action verbs in your resumé. It will help you seem more dynamic.

5- Not Using Backlinks

Do you have a website or an online portfolio? You should add links to them on your LinkedIn profile. Besides allowing potential recruiters to see your strengths and potential, this will provide you more visibility and will improve your website indexing with the creation of a backlink to your website. Who said SEO was difficult?

6- Not Proofreading Your Texts

As it is the case with your resumé, do not leave any grammar or spelling mistakes on your LinkedIn profile. It would show potential recruiters that you are not meticulous or that you botched your profile. Once you complete your profile, proofread each section to make sure everything is fine. Do not hesitate to ask a family member or a friend to check your profile too. You surely want to make a first good professional impression, right?

7- Not Answering to Requests

It might be possible that you receive messages from recruiters or headhunters on LinkedIn from time to time. It is also possible that what they offer you does not interest you or that you are not currently looking for a new job. Instead of ignoring them, take a few seconds to answer. We cannot predict the future; therefore, it might be one of these headhunters that help you find the perfect job one day.

8- Not Following the Businesses that Interest You

There are many reasons why it is important to be on LinkedIn, especially if you are looking for a new job. You must already know some businesses where you would like to work. If you want to increase your chances, why not follow them on LinkedIn? You will then have access to their job offers, as well as their news. For example, if the business announces that they will open a new office, they are likely to look for new employees soon!

9- Using your LinkedIn like Facebook or Instagram

Your LinkedIn account is here to help your professional life. Thus, if you share pictures, articles or posts, ask yourself if it is relevant.  You probably want good credibility on LinkedIn to be found and contacted by recruiters. You should then leave your personal life on other social media.

In conclusion, we hope that this article will help you better use your LinkedIn account and find your dream job. Keep in mind that it is a social media to use only for your professional life, fill all sections of your profile, and develop good habits like networking. One of your contacts might help you find the perfect job for you!