Why Not Have a Blog With WebSelf?

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It seems now that everybody has its blog, whether it is a business, an Instagram influencer or a vegetarian chef. But why? There are many considerable benefits to blog or to add a blog on your website. Do you have any doubts about your ability to write articles or how to create your blog? Before giving up or panic, please read the following paragraphs. WebSelf is here to help you!

Why Is It Important to Blog?

There are many reasons why it is still relevant to have a blog. Given that there are almost as many websites as people on Earth, you must find ways to stand out from others to gain visibility and traffic. To start with, a blog allows you to increase your authority and credibility, especially if it is linked with a showcase website. Whatever your field of activities, you surely have something you say about it. Keep in mind to answer questions your potential customers could have. For example, if you are a photographer, you could explain how to use natural light to take great pictures. In sum, the more you will write on something you like, the more you will look like an expert. You do not have to start with 2000 words texts from the outset. Start with a few lines, and then with a few paragraphs on a topic you like. Over time, you will be able to write content easily

Did you also know that a blog can help the indexing of your website on search engines, as well as your sales? Since you write on different topics related to your business or your field of activities, someone making searches could end up on your website thanks to one of your articles! Your articles will become a door, a road to your website. Google likes it when a website publishes new content regularly too. Seize the opportunity to create links between your different articles or pages of your blog since it will lower your bounce rate and increase the average time spent on your website. These data are analyzed by search engines when they index your website. Thus, a blog can surely help you climb positions in search results if you take the time to create quality content related to the rest of your website. 

Create a Blog With WebSelf

It is very easy to create a blog with WebSelf. Start by choosing the perfect template for your website. It is possible to add a blog on all our templates; however, we have a category made especially for blogs. To add a blog on your website, go on the editor and click on the PAGES tab, and then on ADD A PAGE. You will have the option to add a blog to your website. Then, add your titles, texts, articles, and pictures. When you are satisfied with the final result, you only have to publish your website! 

A Few Blog Examples Made with WebSelf

Since it is often easier to be inspired when we see examples, WebSelf took the time to find your three authentic blogs made with our editor! (Examples are in French)

Destination Sydney

Destination Sydney is a good example of a blog that you can do free of charge. In fact, this travel blog made by Leslie and Roman allows them to tell their stories in the land of kangaroos. Take the time to complete all the pages of your website, more specifically your contact or about us page. You never when an interesting partner could contact you!

Dabadie Family

It is not because you create a blog that you should not take the time to create a beautiful and neat header or home page. In this example, the design is both sober and elegant. Why not do like Dabadie Family and take the time to make your logo? Your creativity is your only limit!  Do not forget to add attractive pictures to your articles too.

DLM Freelance

Delphine Le Meur’s blog is the perfect example of the type of blog you should have when you have a business. In fact, she is an event manager and she often organizes weddings. She then took the time to write different articles on her recommendations for your big day! Potential customers looking for information and tips can then find her website and ask for her services! Do not underestimate the power of a good blog on your sales!

In conclusion, we hope that you are now convinced of the utility of a blog on your website. Whether it is to increase your credibility in a specific field, to improve your indexing or generate sales or visits, a blog can surely help you. And if it intimidates you, start one line at the time. Write on topics you like and we promise it will be easier over time. Good luck!