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9 Tools to Help You Manage Your Social Media Effectively

Image blog WebSelfThese days we cannot neglect our presence on social media. You need to take the time to create relevant content that will catch people’s attention to stand out or to get credibility. It is possible that you do not know where to start when it is time to manage your social media. We then looked and found you some tool (most of them are free!) that can help you create professional and good-looking posts.


If you are no graphic designer or have no idea on how to use Photoshop, Canva will then be your new best friend! Canva is a graphic design tool that allows you to create nice montages quickly and easily. You only need to drag and drop the wanted elements! You can use this tool to create flyers, blog post visuals but surely your social media visuals. Find templates, pictures, and shapes that will inspire you. Best of all, Canva can be used without paying anything!


It is not always easy to publish your posts when you have many to prepare on different platforms. Did you know that some tools can help you plan and publish everything? Hootsuite is one of them. From the dashboard screen, you will have access to your social media accounts whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Hootsuite has a freemium package that includes 3 social media accounts and 30 planned posts but other packages are also available.


It might be possible that you need to edit videos for your social media pages but how can you do it? Many tools can help you such as Filmora which is a very user-friendly video editor. Add filters, overlays, transitions, customized titles, and much more! Filmora also provides a screen recorder that can be very useful if you make tutorials, for instance. There is also a free version of their video editor too!


Do you need to work with different people? Do you have many steps to follow or do you feel lost when it is time to start working? Why not manage your tasks with a project management tool like Trello? Inspired by the Kanban method, you can add tasks and move them according to its completion. Trello also offers a free version so you can start creating your work boards and tasks!

Google Analytics

We already wrote about Google Analytics in many of our articles; however, it is a free tool that can surely help you understand your website visitors but mostly know which of your social media platforms bring you traffic. Indeed, it is possible to see the impact of your social media pages when clicking on the Acquisition tab. You will have access to data like how many people visited your website after being on social media.


It is one of our graphic designers that first mentioned Snapseed in our article 7 common errors people make on Instagram. You may already know that it is very important to use images of good quality on Instagram but did you know that Snapseed can help you with this? Snapseed is a mobile app that can help you edit your photos directly on your phone. It is another free tool to add to your list!

Hashtag Inspector

Did you ever ask yourself what were the most relevant keywords to use for your Instagram or Twitter posts? You can try some and see which ones are the best but you can also use mobile apps like Hashtag Inspector to have lists of relevant hashtags and their statistics. Do not forget to only use relevant hashtags on your posts to increase your chances to find the right followers for your account.

Fanpage Karma

Contests are used a lot on social media to increase the engagement rate and visibility. Although they are rules to follow, it is a strategy that can be very interesting. But how can you choose your contest winner easily when you have hundreds of participants (and you have no form or landing page)? Instead of exporting them or looking at them one at the time, you can use Fanpage Karma’s tool called The Good Fairy to find your winner. You only have to enter your contest post’s URL and this tool will find your winner according to the parameters you selected. It is as simple as this.


There is nothing more harmful to your credibility than to publish content with spelling or grammar mistakes. It can happen to all of us even if you take the time to proofread your texts before publishing them. You can indeed ask some friends or family members to read them too; however, you can also use a corrector software.  We use Antidote to proofread our texts. If you have your business, you can consider buying Antidote or any similar software since it might be seen as a professional expenditure.

In conclusion, we hope we gave you enough tools to manage your social media like a pro! Start by noticing and note down posts that you find original and then try to be inspired by them while adding your personal touch. And if you do not know where to find copyright-free photos for your projects, check our list of the best image banks