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Make a Successful Sales Pitch

Image blog WebSelfWhether it is for an appointment with investors or networking, you will need to make sales pitches to present yourself, present your business, or have funds. You might not know where to start. You might also be terrified by the idea of meeting new people. Here are a few tips on how to make a successful sales pitch.

Prepare Yourself

The most important rule to follow to make a successful pitch is to prepare yourself before your presentation. How did you react when you had to do an oral presentation when you were a student? Were you comfortable or was it your worst nightmare? A way to help you feel comfortable is to know well about your subject. You do not have to know all the numbers and statistics by heart; however, you need to know the basic info if they have questions. If you do not have the answer, do not panic. Say that you will verify the missing information and make a follow-up with the person as soon as possible. Believe in yourself as much as you believe in your business.

Otherwise, if you know you are going to a networking event or that you have an important appointment with your banker, start by learning more about the people you will meet or the place. This tip could undoubtedly give you some hints on how you should prepare yourself.

Do Not Forget to Present Yourself

Sometimes when we are under stress, some people make the mistake of not taking the time to present themselves or their business. They directly start with numbers and statistics. After a polite introduction, you need to present yourself and your business. Then, explain why you deserve their attention a few more minutes. Do not hesitate to give your business card too, when you meet potential customers or partners. It will then be easier to contact you if needed.

Think About the Duration

All sales pitches are not equal regarding time. Indeed, you will probably take less time to present yourself during an informal networking event than during a meeting with an investor. You then need to prepare a few different pitches of different time lengths. You might only have two minutes to present your business. On the contrary, you might have more than 20 minutes on other occasions. It is then crucial to have different versions of a sale pitch, some longer and some briefer. Do not hesitate to time your sales pitches and to write them on paper.

You will also need to find a way to catch people’s attention quickly. You could decide to tell a story or to highlight a problem that your potential customers have. Once more, we suggest you create different versions of these introductions, some shorter and some longer.

Adapt Your Sales Pitch to Your Crowd

As we just explained in the paragraph above, you also need to adapt your sales pitch to your crowd too. You will probably not say the same thing to a potential customer than to a wealthy investor. The first person will want to know what you can do for him, and the second will probably prefer to know your return rate or your sales forecast. We then suggest you create various kinds of sales pitches for your different crowds. Keep in mind that it is not everyone who shares the same needs. It is your job to find them and answer them. Do not hesitate to create buyer personas to help you with this notion.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

If you want to make a successful sales pitch, you need to practice it. When you are satisfied with your texts and have made searches, start by reading your sales pitch aloud. You could also decide to film yourself too to analyze your performance. You could also choose to practice it in front of relatives to have their comments. The more you will practice, the more it will be easier to present yourself. Why not take this opportunity to go to a networking event? You could then try various versions of your sales pitch with other professionals. With time, you will see what works best.

Present Yourself Well

As you may know, your nonverbal communication can help you, as well as harm you. Start by wearing a dressing adapted to the appointment or the event. Put on some clothes you love to help you be confident. Then, pay attention to your gestures when you present yourself. Make sure to use an adequate pitch and tone of voice. Most people tend to talk faster when they are stressed. You can see these little details by filming yourself or by practicing in front of a mirror.

On another topic, you could also use different visuals if you have the time or if it is relevant to your sales pitch. It can be flyers, posters, or a PowerPoint presentation, for instance. These visuals must, however, be professional. 

In conclusion, our last tip would be to stay honest and authentic while making your sales pitch. Do not try to be what you are not. If you are not a dynamic person, you could choose colored visuals to garnish your presentation, for example. Start by doing researches, understand who is your crowd, and then practice. With time, you will know how to make successful sales pitches!