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How to Find Your First Customers

Image blog WebSelfWhether you are making a website for your business or your boutique, one of the hardest things is to find your first customers. We are talking about someone who needs your products or services and not family members or friends that want to support you. There are many ways to be found by potential customers. However, you need to use the right ways to find the best customers for you. ​

Who Is Your Targeted Clientele?

First of all, you need to know who you are working for and what needs your products or services answer. This must be the foundation of your business or your boutique. It is then important to make a market analysis before creating your business or your website. It allows you to see if your project is realistic and viable. If you take the time to learn about your competitors and your targeted clientele, it will then be easier to stand out. Who are you targeting exactly? Would it be men, women, teenagers or retired people? Are you rather targeting other businesses? When you will have the answers to these questions, try to create a typical profile of your customer. What are his or her interests, hobbies, needs or financial condition? The more you will know your clientele, the more it will be easier to answer their needs and be successful.

Use Your Friends and Family

It is likely that your friends and family members will be the firsts to use your products or services. This is recommended because they can test them and tell you what must be improved. On another topic, your relatives can be your best sellers, especially when they know and love what you do. Consequently, do not hesitate to tell them about your project. If they know someone that needs your product or services, they will refer you. Your friends and family can help you build your network with word of mouth. Do not underestimate the impact of your relatives. Still today, people like to have references from others. This is why customers like to go on websites like Trip Advisor or Yelp. It is likely that you have already looked for reviews and testimonies from people before buying something or booking a hotel. You should then make your family and friends your ambassadors. 

Moreover, do not neglect your area or city networking events. This can help you make yourself known and present what you do. Make sure to have your business cards with you and be ready to present your products and services to potential customers. The real world still offers a lot of business opportunities. 

Web Marketing 101

When all your relatives will know that you have your own business, it is time to work on your marketing. First, you need a website to appear on search engine results. A professional website will give you credibility, especially when you take the time to put an About Us page, examples, and authentic reviews from past customers. When your website is completed and that you like it, it is time to think about social media. You do not have to be on everything; however, be on those used by your clientele. If your sector of activities is artistic, for example, design or photography, we suggest you go on social media like Pinterest or Instagram. If you want to reach professionals, it is likely that LinkedIn is then a better choice. In short, you need to be where your potential customers are. It is as simple as that.

There is also another free tool that you should use if you start your business and you want to find customers. It is Google My Business. Have you ever noticed the business sheet located right to search results on Google? It is very useful since it gathers all the important information about your business and it is also free. Moreover, if you have the money you can make marketing campaigns with influencers. Keep in mind who your potential customers are when you choose the influencer if you want the campaigns to be successful. Finally, you can also use advertisements on Facebook or Google to be better known. 

In conclusion, the process of starting your business can be quite an adventure. Do not forget that you are here to answer the needs of your targeted clientele and everything should be ok. Provide exemplary service to your customers and it will not be long before you receive recommendations and referrals.  Keep also your website and your social media up to date and do not forget to always have business cards with you. Always be ready. You never know where you can meet a new customer!