How to Write a Great Blog Article

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You might have as a new year resolution to add a blog to your website. You might have already written a few articles that were not very successful. We will admit it; it is difficult to stand out with the considerable quantity of blogs and articles that can be found on the web. What can you do to create an article that will be read? Here are our tips on how to write a great blog article.

Know Your Target Audience

To start with, we suggest you write an article for a precise group than for everybody. The reason is simple: it is more and more complicated to reach Google’s first page of results. Consequently, you will increase your success rate when you write about something in a more specific way. Then, before writing your opening sentences, we suggest you take the time to analyze who your target audience is and to understand their needs. The key is to be relevant and useful. If you know how to find and answer their needs, you will increase the chances to be read. 

Work Your Title

Now, let’s talk about your title. A title can bring you traffic as well as drive it away. Furthermore, according to the 80/20 rule, it is estimated that 8 people out of 10 will read your title but only 2 of them will read the rest of the text. How can you catch your potential readers’ attention to encourage them to discover your article? When you know what the theme of your article will be, we suggest you take a look at keywords generators like Keyword Tools. You only need to enter the subject of your text to see related searches. You will then be able to see what people look for on Google (and therefore their interests and needs!) Let’s take as an example blog articles for clients located in New Zealand. We can see that they are searching for blog articles about food, oppression, and tourism, as well as the structure of a blog article. You then know what keywords to use in your title to be relevant. Thus, as mentioned above, your title must answer a need in order to catch people’s attention.

Do Your Research

A blog article’s ideal length is always changing; however, experts recommend at least 1600 words to be well indexed. We understand that it is not easy to write that much on a single topic, especially if you are not a writer at all. It is the reason why you should take the time to do your research to know your subject better before starting writing.  With the massive amount of information that can be found on the web, there are no excuses. It will also be easier to write your blog article if you know your topic than if you stop every ten minutes to check for data. Also, it is better to have a proper text once in a while than many mediocre texts every week. Think about writing on something you love since it will then be easier.

Think SEO

SEO and indexing. Search engine algorithms may indeed sound as black magic for some. Let us reassure you, SEO is based on common sense and is related to relevance. Here are a few tips to make Google like your blog article. First, use the same keywords that you use in your title in the rest of your text. It will be easier for algorithms to understand what the theme of your article is. Second, if you add images or visuals to your article, we suggest you add an ALT text, which is a small description of the picture itself so that it can be indexed too. Third, do not forget to include a meta description for each of your blog articles. A meta description is a short description that summarizes a page or an article. Once more, use the same keywords to better results. A meta description has between 50 and 160 characters on average, and you can add them on the blog management page of your article on the WebSelf editor. 

Do Not Neglect the Visuals

Once your blog article is finished, do not hesitate to add appealing visuals that will make your text more dynamic. It is often images that catch people’s attention first. Consequently, start by choosing a central picture that represents your article well, and then why not add graphics or mockups according to the paragraphs too? Besides showing your creative talents, it will look more professional. Of course, we strongly suggest you choose available visual elements of good quality. If you do not know where to find visuals, we wrote this article about image banks for awesome photos.   

Share It on Social Media

Finally, your blog article can be read if you share it on the relevant social media platforms. Social media can be a powerful springboard that must not be neglected. Before sharing it everywhere, it is essential to target relevant social media used by your target audience and to adapt the content consequently. If you write about the business world, maybe LinkedIn is the perfect medium to help you reach the right people. You could also present your blog article in the form of an infographic and add it to Pinterest. In sum, determine what the appropriate social media are and then share your best blog articles.

In conclusion, why not gather together your blog articles in an ebook or a newsletter? We suggest you follow statistics regarding your texts to see what topics were the most popular among your readers were. You will see, it will get easier with time. Remember that if you want your articles to be read, you must answer needs and be useful.