How to Promote Your Online Store

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You now have an online store. You worked hard to create your e-shop, and your products are ready to be sent. Are you waiting for your first orders? The web is full of exciting business opportunities, but this also implies a lot of competition. Here are some tips to help you promote your online store and be successful.

Know Your Target Audience

Before starting anything, it is essential to know who your targeted audience is. Did you take the time to do market research before working on your online store? Do you know who your different buyer personas are? You need to know well your potential customers, their needs, and habits if you want to increase your chances of success. For example, a teenage girl will not have the same tastes as a 40-year-old woman. They will use the same communication mediums, either. Be where your customers are!

Use Social Media

Social media can be great allies when promoting your online store. You do not have to be everywhere. As mentioned above, you need to choose the adequate social media for your customers. Right now, social media like Instagram and Pinterest are popular, especially in the fashion and beauty field. Take then the time to take lovely photos of your products and share them on social media. It is also recommended to create videos and add them to YouTube since it is the third most visited website.

Add a Blog

Have you ever thought of adding a blog to your online store? Blog articles can surely help you answer all questions your potential customers could have, as well as increasing your notoriety. Write on topics related to your e-shop and try to answer any need your customers could have. For example, if you sell some elegant scarfs, you could write on how to match your scarf with the latest fashion trends or 10 original ways to use a scarf. Use your creativity!

Do Campaigns With Influencers

If you are not familiar with social media or blog articles, why not work with influencers? They can help you promote your brand in exchange for money or free products. One of the 2020 marketing trends is to work with smaller influencers that could interest potential customers. You do not need to contact celebrities, but the right people for your targeted audience (even if they only have 3000 followers on Instagram!) You will have better results that way.

Optimize Your Online Shop SEO

Whether it is a website or an online shop, it is vital to take the time to optimize your SEO. Did you take the time to add keywords through your e-shop? Did you write a meta title and a meta description on each of your website pages? We invite you to check our different articles about indexing and SEO to increase your chances to be found on search engine results. Also, we want to add that all WebSelf websites are HTTPS. It means that you are a safe website, which is important when you have an online shop.

Do Not Forget SEA Campaigns

If your budget allows it, why not try advertising with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? These campaigns are called paid search ads or SEA. You could then target potential customers and reach them directly. You do not need a tremendous amount of money to start. In fact, sometimes, only $1 per day is sufficient. You will only have to target specific groups, geographical places, and use attractive visual to catch people’s attention.

Try Real-Life Events

You can promote your online shop even in the real world since your customers are there too! Why not participate to events like salons, festivals, or ephemeral markets in your region to get some notoriety? Offer people to test and buy your products, and tell them about your e-shop for their next purchases. It is important to be where your potential customers can be. These events are perfect, especially if you are starting!

Look for and Show Your Recommendations

People can be hesitant to buy online. It is why you need to get their trust. One way to do it is to add recommendations of your products on our online shop. Of course, you need to show real testimonials; it is essential to be true from the beginning to the end. Before booking a hotel room, do you visit websites like Trip Advisor to make sure you will have a pleasant stay? Potential customers will look for reviews before making any purchase on your e-shop.

Choose Interesting Partners

Could your products be complementary to the ones of another online shop? Do you answer the needs of a specific clientele? Why not take the opportunity to make partnerships with other websites like blogs? Blog article exchanges are used more and more to help both parties work their notoriety. The bigger you will become, the more you will receive partnership requests, especially if you are in a niche field. You can also take this opportunity to create an affiliate program and give commissions to partners who send you leads.

Tell Your Entourage

Finally, the last point we want to talk about regarding the promotion of your online shop is to tell your entourage about it. Indeed, do not underestimate the power of your family, friends, and word of mouth to get notoriety. They are good chances that they can be or help you find your first customers too. Ask them to share, like, or comment on your posts, for example! They could also help you check your e-shop and give you comments if needed.

In conclusion, we hope we manage to give you some ways to present your online shop to the world. Start by targeting your customers and then try different strategies to increase your notoriety. If you are looking for inspiration, feel free to take a look at WebSelf’s blog. We have plenty of articles about marketing and advertisement!