4 Great Online Shop Created with WebSelf

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You are our main source of inspiration! Each week, we are amazed by your creations, whether it is a website, a blog, or an online shop. It has been a while since we want to show you our new favorite e-commerce websites. Let’s see how to create a great online shop and our four examples: Les Soeurs Bohèmes, Bar à Plantes MTL, Les belles récoltes de Charlevoix, and Planète Zéro Déchet.

A Few Things to Remember When Creating Your Online Shop

Before we begin, here are a few important things to know before creating your online shop. First, if you want to have sales, you need to make a trustworthy website; it is the basic. If your potential customers have doubts regarding the integrity of your site, they will not buy anything. It is as simple as that. What can you do to increase your chances of success then? Start by choosing a domain name both representative and simple. In this case, it is better to select the name of your online shop. Moreover, SSL certificates, who make a website HTTPS, are essential if you want people to purchase your products. Indeed, it tells people that your website is secure. Good news: all WebSelf websites come with the HTTPS protocol!

Let’s now talk about the content of your online shop. If you answer all questions your potential customers have, you increase your chances of having sales. It is then essential to have an about us page or a FAQ. You could add information about the shipping or refunds, for example. Furthermore, why not take this opportunity to add testimonials from satisfied customers too? It will surely increase your credibility.

Our last tip when creating an online shop would be to use attractive visuals, whether it is for your products or your website design. Choose a simple design that shows your products to advantage. Do not overload your web pages with many elements. This could be seen as unbalanced. Please pay particular attention to your home page since it is often the first page your potential customers will see. Do not hesitate to use your best products and use your brand elements to create a feeling of belonging too. When you are satisfied with your website, do not forget to take a look at the mobile version of your online shop since people are using more and more their cell phones to buy things.

4 Online Shop Examples

Our team spends a lot of time looking at the WebSelf websites that are published. There are new ones every day! Here are four online shops that we like and the reasons why they caught our attention. (All websites are authentic customers.)

Les Soeurs Bohèmes

The online boutique of Les Soeurs Bohemes is one of our favorite websites. First, we liked to see a clean design that highlights their handmade products. Also, it is possible to find in the header the business logo. It is something important if you want to have strong branding. Their logo is representative of the product they sell too. Finally, this boutique is an interesting example of an e-commerce website for an Instagram account.

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Bar à plantes MTL

As we mentioned above, a clean design that highlights your products is a winning formula. It is precisely what Bar à plantes MTL did. Since their home page, there is no doubt; it is a website where you can buy accessories for plants. The creators took the time to take many pictures of their products from different perspectives too. They are quite creative: their business cards can be planted and transformed into flowers! It is difficult to be more original and relevant.

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Les belles récoltes de Charlevoix

There is nothing more pleasant for a farmer than cultivating and selling his products. Let us introduce you to the website of Les belles récoltes de Charlevoix. As you may guess, Les belles récoltes de Charlevoix is a farm located in La Malbaie where organic grains are cultivated. On their online shop, we can find their granolas, cereal foods, organic grains, as well as their selling points and recipes. They really thought about everything!

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Planète Zéro Déchet

You do not need products to have an online shop. It is exactly what Planète Zéro Déchet did by providing coaching services. Indeed, this online shop allows people to buy consultation services related to the zero-waste movement. Meetings are then available in person, by phone or online. We particularly like this website because there is a great quantity of information on the topic, which is supported by statistics. We see that Jérémy knows his subject well! 

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In conclusion, once our online shop is done, you will have to promote it and find your first customers. Start by doing searches on what could interest your potential customers, and be where they are. If you use social media like Instagram or Pinterest, it is crucial to post beautiful photos of your products. And if you are looking for more inspiration, feel free to take a look at more WebSelf website examples!