The Importance of Your About Us Page

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You are currently working on your website and you are glad because it is nearly finished. You must have spent hours to make your blog, your boutique, and your home page. Have you, however, done an “about us” page? If so, it is as good as the other pages? If you want to have a professional website, you need to have a page where you present yourself. You do not know where to start? Here are our tips to make your own “about us”’ page for your website.

Reveal your story, your mission or your concept

To start with, your “about us” page is the perfect place to present yourself or your team, as well as what you do. Your visitors then can see that your website is not owned by a robot, an alien nor a foreign business. It is one of the main reasons why you should take the time to make and personalize this page with more than a few uninspiring sentences.

It is possible that you do not know what to write on your “about us” page. Contrary to the contact page that has the purpose of helping people contacting you, you must put interesting content on your presentation page. Keep in mind these questions while creating this specific page: what would you say to a stranger in order to present yourself and your website? Who is in charge of your blog or your boutique? What makes you so special? What inspired you to have your own website? What needs or problems did you want to answer at first? You can surely tell your story but make sure that it is relevant to your website.

Establish a relationship of trust and show that you are professional

An “about us” page also has the goal to establish a relationship between your potential customer and you. This is even truer if this is your company’s website or you have a boutique. You must prove with your “about us” page that you are reliable. What can you do in order to look professional? You can, for instance, talk about your studies or your experience after presenting your team. It would also be interesting to show some previous work or add some true testimony (yes, true ones!) To look for and publish your users’ feedback are part of the marketing trends to follow this year.

Are you a member of an organization, an association or a professional order? Do not then forget to put it on “about us” page. This will help you gain some trust from your visitors and potential customers. In fact, to become a member of a professional order, for instance, workers need to follow rules and have a certain amount of knowledge. It is also possible and easier to make a complaint if you receive bad service or to know more about the profession.

You do not have to be serious if you have a playful blog, of course. Take the time, however, to write premium content. Furthermore, it would be very important that your presentation page is free of spelling and grammar mistakes since it would affect your credibility. As mentioned in our article How to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes on your website, there are many ways to avoid making mistakes. You can first proofread your text, use a correcting software, ask a friend or even have it checked by a professional editor if you can afford it.

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Use your “about us” page for specific call-to-actions

You can use this specific page to bring your visitors to do something like to visit another page of your website, an article, as well as sending them on your social media. More precisely, when you help people visit other pages of yours, this will have as a consequence to increase the time spent on your website. This is one of the things Google takes into account while making your indexing. In short, the more time a visitor spends on your website, the more search engines can see it as a quality website. Thus, an “about us” page can help the indexing of your entire website.

In conclusion, your “about us” page is probably more important than you might have thought at first. Besides having the opportunity to present yourself and explain what you do, this allows you to gain trust and credibility while improving your indexing. Thus, we strongly suggest you take the time to make this page. If you want more tips on how to create the other pages of your website, we invite you to take a look at our article The ideal structure of a website. Enjoy your writing and reading!

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