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Business Owners: What to Do During an Off-Peak Season

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Whether it is because you are a self-employed worker or simply because your customers are on vacation, summer is a difficult season for many. What can you do during these quieter weeks? It is out of the question that you sit around, twiddling your thumbs; we found you 7 things to do during an off-peak season!

Clean up your files

What are the tasks you never have the time to do? Is it your invoicing or your online presence? Did you do all the needed follow-ups? Why not benefit from this off-peak season to clean up and store your files? It can be for both your physical and digital documents. Do you really need to keep everything? Check everything and only keep  what is necessary. You can also keep an online copy of what is important. Your office will then be more efficient when work starts again.

Update your website

Is your website up to date with accurate prices and information? You could take advantage of your free time to work on your website. For example, you could decide to change the pictures of your products or even make a complete redesign of your site. If you worked on notable projects over the last months, why not include them on a portfolio page? Do not forget that your website is the basis of your web marketing. It is the place people will go if they want to know more about your services. It is then essential that all info is exact and relevant. Once you have checked your website, we suggest you look at your social media pages as well.

Start a blog or an online shop

Do you have in mind to start a blog or an online shop? Why wait any longer? An off-peak season is an excellent moment to initiate new projects. A great thing about blogs is that you can write articles in advance and choose a date of publication. You can then take the time to write a few blog articles before announcing everything. Furthermore, an online shop can increase your income; it should not be overlooked! If you need a hand to start your blog or online shop, do not hesitate to look at our articles on our blog.      

Initiate the commercial prospection process

Some people are scared to contact potential customers during summer or an off-peak season because they think nobody will answer. It can indeed be more challenging to find new contracts in August than in October. Consequently, why not benefit from this occasion to initiate the commercial prospection process? Start by validating your products or services, and then ask yourself what needs they are answering. Use this free time to do searches and look for potential customers. Therefore, you will know who to contact and to promote yourself when summertime ends. 

Take courses or training

Things are moving very quickly in many fields. It is then important to remain up-to-date and know the latest trends, so you do become obsolete. Off-peak seasons are good moments to take courses or training. Do you wish to learn another language or to be specialized in something? Did you ever want to learn how to use software like Photoshop or to send successful newsletters?  You can as well read books or subscribe to an online course. Many websites that provide educational content like OpenClassrooms, Coursera, and SkillShare. 

Diversify your services

On another matter, it can be interesting to ask yourself why you are living an off-peak season. Indeed, it is often related to events that are out of your control, like the loss of a significant customer or summer holidays. Why not see this situation from another angle and turn this into a business opportunity? For example, if you are a plumber, you could provide pool checking services or offer a promotion to those who would accept to forestall some renovation projects. Ask yourself how you can answer your clientele needs during this period. Be creative! Often, it is what makes the difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one.

Take a few days off

Here is our last suggestion on what you can do during an off-peak season: take a few days off! You probably deserve some holidays as much as anyone else. If you know in advance that a month will be quieter, why not take a few days to go to the beach or in the mountains? It is essential that you take some time to rest once in a while. You could also work outside during the beautiful summer days. In sum, if your work is up to date, it is undoubtedly an option to consider.

In conclusion, if you feel that an off-peak season is coming, do not panic. On the contrary, take advantage of this situation to do everything you do not have the time to do normally. You can even get ahead of your schedule. Otherwise, it is not forbidden to take a week off to rest too. You only need to take the necessary measures before going on holiday.