Promote Your New Business Like a Pro

Image blog WebSelfIt's one thing to start your business, but it's quite another to make it known and to get your first customers. Once all the paperwork is completed, one wonders where to start with so much to do. Do you have to go door-to-door or is it better to bombard the web with advertisements? So, we've found you 9 things to consider if you want to promote your new business.

Do an Analysis of your Target Audience

Before you start anything, you need to take the time to do an analysis of your target audience and your products. This is the foundation you need to find out who might be interested in what you are offering before trying to approach them. There will be a lot of trials and errors at the beginning, but this will help you get a better idea of your market. You will be able to prepare your business' promotional material accordingly. For example, keep in mind that a single woman living in the heart of Paris may not have the same needs, interests or communication media as a woman in a relationship living in the same area. If necessary, set up personas, fake customers who can help you build a solid game plan.

Create a Strong Brand Image

Once you know who you need to talk to, it's time to create a strong brand image for your business. A brand image is not just a logo. This includes brand colors, fonts and values that you find important. These elements are not to be taken lightly. For example, did you know that colors have meanings? Start by defining what sets you apart, then do different tests to see what works. When you're satisfied with the result, use your brand to help you get discovered and promote your business.

Tell Your Friends and Family about Your Project

Often, your family and friends can be your best ambassadors. This is a promotional tool not to be overlooked, especially in your early days. So, when you start a business, take the time to share the news to those around you. If they know someone who needs your services, they will recommend you. Maybe they'll want to hire you too! Your network is interested in your well-being and it is often by word of mouth that you can find your first customer. 

Have a Website

Whether it's to gather all relevant information about your services or because you want to be found more easily on search engines, every company should have its own site. In addition to showing your credibility and professionalism, you can showcase what you do more easily and answer questions that your customers have. As well, what do you do when you're looking for a professional or a business? You probably go to Google and pick one of the search results. When you take the time to properly reference your website, you allow your business to be found easily to get customers. A website should be one of your priorities when you start your business.

Be Present on Social Media

Once your website is built, you should think about being on social media. Initially, you may want to be everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Unfortunately, this can eat away a lot of your precious time. Instead, we advise you focus on the platforms used by your target audience. Since you have an idea of the customers you want to target, be on the social media they use. For example, if you offer accounting services, you may be more relevant on LinkedIn than on SnapChat. Use appealing visuals and engage your audience with information that will be useful to them.


It is important to not only have a strong online presence but also a physical presence. If you get the opportunity, network and attend events to meet potential customers. Don't hesitate to tell them what you're doing. Offer your business card and follow up them if necessary. You never know who can get you a good contract! If you don't feel comfortable talking to strangers, try going to these events with someone you know. Remember that most guests are in the same position as you, so go ahead and dare to talk to them.

Focus on Advertising

Before advertising everywhere and on every medium, take a moment to ask yourself where your target audience is. This will save you time and money. As with social media, focus on ads that reach the people you want to target. If you have a housekeeping business, it might be better to slip flyers into the mail. On the contrary, if you have an online store and you sell fashion accessories, social media platforms like Instagram would be a good option.

Find Partners

Sometimes having a good network of different professionals can help you grow your business. Look for partners with whom you may have complementary services. For example, a social media manager might have to work with a graphic designer. A web editor might need a translator from time to time. Know how your services might be useful to others. 

Offer Impeccable Service

It is always more difficult to find new customers than to retain old ones. Therefore, when you have a contract, be sure to provide impeccable service. If your client is satisfied with your services, they will not hesitate to call you back or recommend you to those around them. As mentioned earlier, word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to promote one's business. One satisfied customer will take you to other customers.

In conclusion, you have several tools at your disposal to help you spread the word about your new business. We're not saying it's going to be easy, but every effort you make will get you a little closer to your goal. Think of it like a garden. Every seed you plant is a new business opportunity. Which means you must carefully cultivate to make your opportunities grow. All the best success!