The Importance of Your Contact Page

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There are many things to think about when you create a website. You might take a lot of time to build pages like the homepage or the about us page, but what about the contact page? The contact page is often one of the last completed, and we tend to give it less attention. We believe that your contact page is an important page of your website. Let’s see what elements we should find there.

Why Do You Need a Contact Page?

What is the main goal of a contact page? It is simple: it is so we can contact you quickly. Whether you have a showcase website for your business, a blog or an online shop, it is essential to have a place where we can find your contact information. It allows you to prove that you are a trustworthy website and that people should not be afraid to do business with you.

Imagine that someone wishes to use your services, but he has a question and wants to contact you. Unfortunately, he does not find your contact information and decides to call someone else. It is a huge mistake not to have a contact page or at least not to have a place where we can easily find your contact information. It is a page that will be visited a lot since it is where we can find your address or your phone number; therefore, it must be complete and answer all needs your visitors could have.

Elements We Should Find on Your Contact Page

Since we never really know what to add on a contact page, here are some suggestions:

A simple design

As it is the case for the landing page, the contact page should be simple. Take off all unnecessary elements that could prevent your visitors from finding the information he is looking for or taking action. It is also important to mention that this page should have the same design as the rest of the site. Your visitors should not have the impression that they felt on another website when looking at your contact page.

Your contact information

Add all contact information so we can contact you easily. It can be your name, phone number, address, fax number, email address, etc. Add as many choices as possible; your visitors will then have the chance to choose how they want to contact you.

All relevant information

It could be worth to add all relevant information regarding your business on your contact page. For example, it could be your open hours or your policies regarding visits. You can also add your usual response times or if you are looking for new employees or partnerships. The main goal here is to allow people to contact you efficiently.

A contact form

Contact forms are handy because they allow people to send messages directly to the website owner. It is then recommended to add a contact form on your contact page. Furthermore, if you chose one of our Premium plans, it is possible to customize your contact form by adding fields to fill like checkboxes, attachments, lists or dates. It can be very interesting if someone wants to have information about something, ask for a quote or make an appointment. Do not hesitate to ask for details in the contact form.

A call to action button

During the creation of your contact page, ask yourself this question: what do you want your visitors to do when they are on this particular place of your website? Do you want them to send you a message? Do you wish that they phone you or that they fill a form? Make it clear with a call to action button. To increase your chances of being contacted, promote your call to action button with bright color and dare to use an action verb like contact, read more or discover.

A map

If you have a physical place, it could be relevant to add a map to your contact page. You could then indicate how your potential customers can get to your business. To add a map to your page, go on the editor, click on the ADD tab, and then on the map section. Fill your address, and drag the map on your contact page.

Social media badges

Why not take the opportunity to add links to your social media pages on your contact page? You can indeed add badges that lead to your Facebook or your Instagram on other pages of your website like the homepage, but make a reminder on your contact page. Therefore, if a visitor does not want to fill the contact form, he can visit your social media pages and contact you with a private message instead.

Create Your Contact Page on WebSelf

Most of our templates come automatically with a contact page that you can customize. If needed, you can add elements by clicking on the ADD tab located top left. If you are looking for inspiration or do not know where to start, look at our section templates that you can find under the SECTIONS tab. We have a category made especially for contact pages. It is also possible to check websites made with WebSelf for more ideas.  

In conclusion, your contact page might indeed seem to have less impact than other pages on your site; however, take the time to complete it. It is not that complicated too. Start by gathering all your contact information and then add relevant elements. Once your website is complete, check if all the sections of your site are filled and customized!