Facebook Ads: 9 mistakes to Avoid so that Your Ad Campaign is a Success

Image blog WebSelfWhether you're starting your business or just want to increase the number of subscribers in your community, you may be tempted by the ads Facebook offers. Often, with a few dollars, you can reach thousands of potential customers! But how do you make your advertising investment successful? Let's start with 9 mistakes to avoid so that your Facebook Ads campaign is a success.

Clicking boost a Post

When you add a post on your Facebook account, you'll probably see a small button underneath that will be marked boost post. Our first tip is this: don't click on it to turn your post into an ad because you won't have access to everything Facebook has to offer. Instead, if you already have a Facebook company page, go to the Ad Manager. You'll have to add a credit card to your account, however, you'll have access to a more comprehensive tool to create, target and track your Facebook Ads campaign results.

Choosing an irrelevant goal

When creating your campaign, Facebook will ask you what your goal is. It is important not to take this lightly, as this will have an impact on how Facebook displays your ad. Is it to have more traffic on your website? Or, is it to have more subscribers on your page or to generate sales? Take a few minutes to ask yourself why you want to create a Facebook ad and the data you'll follow to see if you've achieved your goal or not.

Not setting a budget

Before you launch your Facebook Ad campaign, decide on a budget. You can do a campaign with $10.00 the same way you can with $1000.00. Depending on your target, Facebook will give you an approximate number of people affected with the amount you want to invest. Take the time to choose a maximum budget for your campaign as costs can quickly become high if you don't set limits. You can choose a maximum cost per day or for the entire campaign. Don't forget to add your country's taxes to the amount too.

Targeting an audience that is too broad

Then there is the question of the audience: who do you want to target for your campaign? Who are the people who might be most interested in what you offer? A common mistake when creating an advertising campaign on Facebook is to have too large an audience. Even if you may have a few interested people, they will quickly be drowned out by the rest of your audience. Your campaign will then not be competitive, and part of your budget will be poured down the drain.

 Tip: Choose regions and interests when creating your campaign. If you sell ski equipment, choose those who like the sport in your area to start.

Targeting an Audience that is too narrow

On the contrary, having too specific an audience is also a mistake to avoid when creating an advertising campaign. Sometimes, to target too few people, we exclude potential customers. Another point to consider is that the more frequently a group is targeted by your posts, the faster they can get tired of it. Also, the smaller an audience, the more expensive it is to target. Choose several interests or regions related to your business and adapt your visuals accordingly.

 If we take our example from above, instead of targeting people in your small town who love skiing, why not include the surrounding cities and sports people in general?

Using visuals that don't attract attention

A picture is worth a thousand words. You need a hard-hitting publication if you want to attract attention. Every day, users see hundreds of ads and posts on social networks. What can you do to increase the performance of your ad then? To start, use a high-quality, attractive visual. Focus on emotions, humor, bright colors. In short, your publications need to stand out.

Only focusing on one publication

When you start, you may not know what type of post will shine the most on Facebook Ads. That's why we advise you try different ads and keep the ones that work best. You will see, there are several possibilities: images, videos, carousels... Try different montages with various images and texts. Again, keep the ones that work best. Just because a big company has good results with a carousel ad doesn't mean it'll work for you.

Not adding a call-to-action button

At the end of your ad, don't forget to choose a relevant call to action button. With this button, you indicate what action will be taken when your customer clicks on your sponsored publication. Possible options on Facebook include apply now, book, contact us, learn more, buy, sign up, etc.
Not keeping track of your results

Finally, the last point we want to make about Facebook Ads is to follow your results closely in the Ad Manager. That doesn't mean looking at your results every hour but save yourself time to see which campaigns work best each week. This will allow you to remove those that don't work and create others that give you good results. You will see, over time that you will get good results.

So, now, what are you waiting for to launch your next Facebook ad campaign?