The Best Websites that Help Grow Organic Traffic

Image blog WebSelfWhy do you need a website? It is probably to promote something like your business, blog, or association. Once everything is completed and online, how can you make sure to have visitors? We found you a list of websites that can help you grow organic traffic. More traffic often means more customers and more sales!

Where Can I See the Referring Sites?

Before starting your research, we strongly suggest that you link Google Analytics to your website. This Google tool can give you access to relevant information on the visits on your site, but also the visitors. It will allow you to know which sites bring you organic traffic. Find this list under the Acquisition tab, and then on Overview. The referring sites will be separated into categories: organic, direct, referral, social, email, etc.

11 Sites to Improve Traffic

Let’s now see how these sites can help you have more visitors. You surely can be on different platforms; therefore, you need to follow your statistics to know the best options for your project.


Facebook is right now the social media king. If you have a website, it is strongly recommended to have a Facebook page or group associated with your site. There is a place where you can add the link to your website on your page and about us section. Do not forget to add social media badges on your site so people can follow you easily.


Instagram must not be neglected, especially if you want to target younger generations or promote creative content. Use this social media to promote your products with attractive pictures and even with Stories. On your profile, you can add the link to your site in the bio section.


Do you have a blog, or are you an expert in your field? Did you ever think of adding pins on Pinterest? This platform has an interesting growth. Create pictures, montages, and infographics, then add a link to your website. Therefore, if people get interested in your products, tips, or services, they will visit your site.


YouTube can surely help you increase organic traffic to your website. Every minute, thousands of videos are watched all across the world. If you are interested in filmmaking, you could create videos on topics you master. Then, add a link to your site in the description or mention that they can find more information on your blog, for instance. Obviously, it needs a lot of work to make stunning videos, but it is often well worth the effort!


If you have a business, that you provide services, or that you are looking for news employees, you should be active on LinkedIn. Complete your profile page, and do not forget to add the link to your website. Why not take this opportunity to share your blog articles about your area of expertise to increase your credibility as a professional?


Google’s case is tricky because, for many, it is the most important referring website. When someone searches for something on this search engine, we wish that our site appears on the first page of results. The closer we are from the first position, the best it is for your organic traffic. Consequently, it is vital to optimize your website for search engines if you want it to be well-indexed.

Quora and Reddit

Quora and Reddit are two sites that work similarly. They are forums where the online community can ask and answer questions. If you have a blog or know your area of expertise well, it could be interesting to take a few minutes of your time to be on these platforms. If you see a question which answer can be found in one of your articles, you can answer with a  summarized version of it and invite people to know more about it on your website.


Whether you added one to your site or not, blogs can help you get visitors. First, when you write your blog articles, people can find them by searching for something on Google. Then, why not write for other blogs? Most of the time, websites accept that you add a link to your site in the article. Of course, you must find relevant partners for your target audience.

Digital Lists

If you are a member of a professional order or an association, check if they have a member list where you can add your contact information and website address. It is an effortless way to increase the number of links to your site. Furthermore, Google My Business is an interesting free tool if you have a business. A summary of your business info will appear on the right of the result when someone looks for you on Google.


You might think that influencers are too expensive. We want to let you know what they are some for all domains and budgets. Influencers are compelling marketing tools because they allow you to reach new communities. Start by choosing people that are relevant to your website, then contact them to have a quote. Some will accept freebies in exchange for visibility, but most will ask to be paid. If needed, take a look at our articles about how to work with influencers to know more.

In conclusion, you do not need to be everywhere; you need to be where your target clientele is. If you are an accountant, you would be more likely successful on LinkedIn than on Instagram. You might be able to answer personal financial questions on Reddit too. In sum, increase your online presence and follow your statistics on Google Analytics!