Why You Should Add a Blog to Your Online Store

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Before launching your online store, you need to complete the product pages and think about your terms and refund policies. You must also have checked the delivery options and how you would like to promote your products. Once your site is finished, why not add a blog to your online store? Besides adding content, this will allow you to answer questions your potential customers might have.

A blog as a promotional tool for your products

First, note that a blog can quickly become a promotional tool for your products or services. Indeed, through articles, you can present your products, but also their usefulness or characteristics. Take this opportunity to answer all the questions your potential customers could have because they will not buy anything if they have doubts.

If you offer services, why not do interviews with satisfied customers or partners? For example, suppose you are an interior decorator. In that case, you could write an article on the advantages of working with a decoration expert or give ideas on how to renovate our living room. If you sell products, you could explain how they are made or their origin (this can be very interesting if you want to market eco-friendly products). See how you can be useful; it is how you will be able to stand out.

Get credibility and authority

One of the most important advantages of a blog is that it allows you to become more credible and specialized in a specific field. Indeed, the more you will write about a subject, the more people will see that you master it. This is particularly important if you have an online store. You need to prove the quality of your products and the credibility of your business.

It is interesting if you offer services. Imagine that you are looking for an SEO specialist for your website. You might look on Google and read a few articles on this topic. A blog might draw your attention, and because of that, you may want to work with the author since you find him relevant and credible. Become this person by writing blog articles.

It helps your SEO

Did you know that a blog can also improve the SEO of your online store? Indeed, blogs increase the quantity of content that we can find on your site, and Google does like particularly websites that have a lot of relevant and updated texts. The more you have content, the more time a visitor can spend on your online store. This then lowers your bounce rate. Also, take a look at the most popular online stores; you will see that most of them have a blog. 

On another note, each article you write becomes a path to your website. This can then help you increase the number of visitors to your online store and, consequently, your sales. 

A few tips on how to write blog articles

Is it the first time you create a blog? Here are a few tips on how to write relevant articles related to your online store.

  • Ask yourself what the concerns of your target audience are

    It can be challenging to find the perfect subject for your articles. Start the process by trying to know your target audience. Who are they? What do they like? And most importantly, what are their concerns, and how can you answer their needs? This should be your first inspiration when writing blog articles for your online store.

  • Think about adding important keywords 

    Your main keyword should be present at different places on your website in order to help its SEO: title tag, meta description, titles, texts, and blog articles. When you write your articles, think about adding keywords related to your online store. Try also to write catchy titles to attract the readers’ attention.

    But how can you find the right keywords to use for your online store or your articles? You can look on Google or try tools like Ubersuggest to discover which keywords are the most popular.

  • Add links to other articles in your texts

    We mentioned earlier that it is essential that your online store has a low bounce rate. In sum, the bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your website but leave promptly without taking any action. This tells search engines that you did not answer this visitor’s needs, which harms your general SEO.

    One way you can lower your bounce rate is to encourage your online store visitors to visit other pages or sections of your site. If they discover your blog first, invite them to read other articles by adding links through the texts.

  •  If needed, feel free to delegate!

    It is possible that writing blog articles is not your cup of tea. You also might not have the time; therefore, why not delegate this task to someone else? For example, you can ask a professional writer or a freelancer. It is not mandatory to publish a new article every day, especially if you just started your online store. With time, you might also receive partnership or guest post requests as your project progresses. 

In conclusion, should you add a blog to your online store? Our answer is yes! Besides helping you promote your products or services, it will ameliorate your website since you will get more credibility and improve your SEO. If you wish to learn more about blogs, we did write many texts on that subject, including how to write a great blog article.