SEO: How to Get Links to Your Website

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What can you do to make sure Google likes your site and indexes it among the first search results? First, you can look for relevant keywords and add them to your titles and meta descriptions. You can also write a lot of content of quality. But what about links to your website? How can you get them?

The importance of links to your website

Millions of searches are done every day from search engines like Google. Consequently, it would be relevant that your site can be found easily. But how can you do it? One way is to have links to your website. These links are similar to backlinks. In sum, the more you have links to your site, the more it tells Google that your site has great content, is relevant, and has good authority. It is then something not to neglect when you wish to improve your site’s SEO.

How to check the credibility of links

When links become essential to SEO, many strategies appeared. Some were more ethical than others. When there is a link to your site, Google takes the time to check if it is a quality link. Consequently, aim for credible websites that have relevant content. If it is a poor site, it can harm your SEO. If needed, you can check all links to your website and see the poor links by creating a Google Search Console account.

The more your site will be popular, the more you will receive requests to add links on your web pages. But how can you verify if the potential partner is credible? WebSelf receives many link requests, and we use two tools to help us untangle everything: Ahrefs and Alexa.

First, Ahrefs allows us to validate the credibility of a website by giving us access to the domain rating, and the number of linking sites and backlinks. Of course, you need to compare these results with yours. Are they similar? Better? Lower? It is always better to link to your site from a website with more authority than yours. Then, we look at Alexa, an Amazon tool that gives us a lot of data on websites. You can see in which countries your website is popular but also its online position. This information should help you see if a website is credible and if it is relevant to ask for links or add links. Also, it is better if the link is located on a web page with at least a few hundred words.

How to get links to your website

Now that we have explained why links to your website are important for your SEO, how can you get some? We found four possible solutions to help you start this process. 

  • Social media

    The first place you should think about getting links is your social media. Add a link to your site on all your social media accounts. For example, if your business has a Facebook page, do not forget to add a link. It is the same thing for Instagram and LinkedIn.

    Did you ever think about Pinterest? Indeed, Pinterest can be a resourceful ally regarding the creation of links to your website. When you create a pin, you need to add a title and a description. Did you know that you can also add a link to your site? Of course, the link needs to be related to your pin if you want to have a low bounce rate.

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  • Associations

    Furthermore, there are associations and groups’ websites. If you are a member of an association or a professional order, for example, do not forget to add a link to your site if it is something possible. Do not forget your Google My Business account too!

  • Guest Blog Articles

    If you already have a blog or like to write, why not offer guest posts? In sum, you need to write blog articles for other websites. Here are some steps to follow to proceed. First, start by doing some research. Look for complementary websites that cover topics that you know. Do not forget to check the site’s credibility. Second, contact the website. Present yourself and write that you would like to offer a blog article on a specific and relevant topic. If they are interested, ask them their conditions and start writing! The main goal here is to add a link to your site in the text.

    Please note that it is not all blogs that accept guest blog articles. You might need to contact a few before having a positive answer. It is the reason why you need to offer something relevant. On another note, WebSelf does accept guest posts from time to time when the topic is interesting.

  • Link exchanges

    Finally, this is the most popular way to get links to your site: link exchanges. It is quite simple: contact a website and offer them to add a link to their site if they do the same thing for you. You will also increase your chances of success if you indicate exactly where you would like your link to be added (for example, on a blog article or the partners’ page). Of course, you must find credible websites that are related to yours. Do not forget to look at their statistics before contacting them. 

In conclusion, we hope we managed to convince you of the importance of links to your website. There are different ways to get these links; it is your responsibility to look for them. Do not forget to check the quality and credibility of these potential website partners if you do not want them to harm your SEO. You will see: the more your site will be popular, the more requests about links you will receive.