How to Choose Which Social Media Use?

Image blog WebSelfFacebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok…. The more time passes, the more social media platforms there seem to be available. They each have their own specificities and clienteles. If you have a business, it may seem intimidating to be present on all social media. What can you do? What about keeping only the relevant ones? How to choose the best social media to use?

Know your target audience

First things first, who would you like to reach? Who is your target audience? Finding the answer to these questions will help you understand what the best social media for you are. Different people use different social media for different reasons. Do you want to target other businesses or craftsmen? Are you looking for a community of people of a specific age? 

Take for example the target audiences of the most popular social media platforms used today. Facebook is used by most people, without any age restrictions; however, we need to mention that there is a decline of interest among young people. Then, there is LinkedIn that is mainly related to the business world. Pinterest is used by women looking for inspiration, and until recently, TikTok was only used by teenagers (but more and more adults are using it on a daily basis). And what about YouTube? In sum, regarding social media, you have a lot of possibilities. You only need to find out which ones are relevant to you and your business.

Create a buyer persona

To help you with all this, why not take the time to create a buyer persona? In summary, a buyer persona is a fictive person that represents your target audience. Of course, you can have different personas for different clienteles. Buyer personas are often used in marketing to understand better your target clientele's worries, needs, and interests. To create a persona, you must research and find out as much information as possible on your target audience. Then, after the analysis of the data, you can create a fake customer and its story. Indicate why they would be interested in your products or services and how you can answer their needs. We also need to mention that like your business, buyer personas can change with time.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Before getting too excited and start creating many social media posts on all popular platforms, take a moment to know your strengths and weaknesses. The best example of this is YouTube. Do you know how to create videos? Do you have the time? Do you know how to edit videos? You can always delegate these tasks if needed. You can also work with an influencer that will create content for you on different platforms. The real question here is to ask yourself if it is really relevant to put all these efforts on one specific platform.

On the contrary, you might be really good at taking beautiful photos. If it is the case, social platforms like Instagram or Pinterest could be relevant. When you need to choose which social media to use, consider the platforms that can be used easily. For example, at the beginning of the year, Clubhouse was very popular but available only for those with an iPhone. If you had an Android, it was more complicated to use.

Take a look at your statistics

Another tip that can help you know which social media to use is to have access to statistics. First, you can find a lot of statistics directly on the web regarding the utilization of social platforms and their target audiences. Second, you can take a look at your own statistics. Indeed, on Google Analytics, you can know which social media gave you the most website visitors under the Acquisition tab.

If you do not know where to start, you can always try different social media for a while and see which ones have the best results. Most social platforms have a statistics page that can help understand you your performance. It will then be easier to keep only the best social media for your business.

A few tools to help you manage your social media

Now, what can you do to create social media posts easily? Here is a summary of our suggestions mentioned in our article about the best tools to help you manage your social media.

  • Canva
    If you want to create posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn, Canva can certainly help you. This online tool allows you to create visuals easily from many templates. The templates are also separated into social media categories, which is perfect because you always have the proper format.

  •  Hootsuite
    Numerous tools can help you plan your social media content. Here at WebSelf, we use Hootsuite. This tool allows us to schedule our posts and connect different social media accounts at the same place. This is then perfect if you have a lot of content or social media accounts to manage.

  • My brand guide
    Whatever the medium, it is essential to use the elements of your brand image guide. A brand image guide includes many elements like your logo, color palette, and fonts. If you want to have a strong brand identity, it is important to use these elements on your social media. For example, you could always display your logo on the bottom right corner of your visuals, whether it is a video, an infographic or a montage.

In conclusion, save time by being on social media that will make a real difference. Managing social media needs time and energy; if you decide to be everywhere, you might have no more inspiration or motivation to continue after a few weeks. And once you have found which social media you should use, find out when you should post your content for better results!