Why You Should Add an Online Booking System to Your Website

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Whether you are a hairdresser, a lawyer, or a marketing consultant, your business is based on customers who make appointments. As people are busier and busier, what can you do to help them? Did you ever think about adding an online booking system directly to your website? This is not something very complicated, but it has the potential to help you increase your productivity and number of clients.

Why should you use an online booking system?

In the last years, people started to use their mobile phones more and more to browse the internet. Therefore, everything must be accessible easily in a few clicks. You might have noticed that many professionals now use online booking systems on their websites to get appointments, so why not you? Customers do appreciate this feature.

In sum, it is relevant to use an online booking system on your website because:

  • It removes frictions
    Let’s imagine that a potential customer discovers your website and is interested in your services. He is currently in the subway and cannot call you to make an appointment at the moment. Will he remember to call you later or will he decide to choose someone else that offers online booking?

  • Customers can directly choose the time and date of their appointment
    One of the interesting benefits regarding online booking is that your customer can directly choose when they want their appointment. This way, they can choose the best moment for them among your availabilities. If they book themselves, there might be fewer chances that they cancel or forget their appointment.

  • Customers can book their appointment whenever they want
    Furthermore, it is very likely that you do not work 24 hours a day, unlike online booking systems. Do not miss any appointments by adding a booking tool to your website. This way, people will be able to book their appointments even when you are not working, avoiding leaving a message on your voice mail. Moreover, if your customers need to change the date of their appointment, they will be able to do it themselves.

  • Customers will receive appointment reminders
    Similarly, most online booking systems offer different services, including the feature of sending appointments reminders. This way, your customers will be less likely to forget their appointments if they receive a reminder the day before. It means fewer no-shows!

  • You will save a lot of precious time
    When you add an online booking system to your website, you save time and can focus on other tasks. Indeed, you will avoid taking all the appointments by phone and will not have to contact all your customers to remind them. You will then be able to work on other projects and increase your productivity, while the appointments are booked automatically. Of course, you need to be available for those who have questions or want to book their appointments by phone.

A few online booking systems

WebSelf does not provide any online booking system directly on our website editor at the moment; however, there are many online booking systems that you can link to your site. Indeed, most of the time, you will only need to copy and paste the link of your agenda on one of your website’s buttons. 

Let us present to you four online booking systems we recommend.


Booxi has been one of WebSelf’s partners for many years. Indeed, we even have a dedicated page on how to connect Booxi to your website on our help center. This system has many features, including online appointment booking and management, payment, confirmation, and reminders, etc. You can also try it free for 14 days. They also have a special offer that allows you to have access to two free months right now.

Calendly is one of the most used online booking systems. You can try their many features for free for a limited time. It is quite simple: start by creating your booking rules, share your link, and accept appointments. Calendly can be useful if you are a business where people can make appointments with different consultants.


GoRendezVous is an online booking system made especially for wellness and beauty businesses. As features, you have access to scheduling, charting, and managing client experience and payments. You can try this tool for free for 14 days and choose one of their premium plans afterward.


SimplyBook.me is an online booking tool made for service providers. Besides offering many different features related to marketing, you will be able to easily accept your clients’ appointments. SimplyBook.me gives you the possibility to have 50 free appointments. To have access to more appointments, you need to take one of their premium plans.

In conclusion, if you offer services, you should take the time to add an online booking system to your website. This way, your customers and yourself will save a lot of time. And since there are many tools available, we are sure that you will find one that will answer your needs. Do not forget that it would be a relevant addition to your services page!