7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Online Store

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Whether you decide to sell online courses, pieces of jewelry, or your latest creations, you will need an online store. If you want to do everything yourself, there are many elements to keep in mind to create a website that converts. To help you, here are 7 mistakes to avoid when creating your online store.

Not knowing your target audience

Before starting creating the pages of your online store or taking pictures of your products, it is essential that you know your target audience. Indeed, many elements regarding your online store are directly related to your target audience (design, price, promotion). Therefore, you need to ask yourself who could be interested in your products? What do they like? Which social media do they use? The more information you can gather on your target audience, the easier it will be to reach them and convince them to visit your website.

If needed, you can create buyer personas to help you understand who is your target audience. We all know that a teenager does not have the same needs or use the same social media platform as a retired person.

Not aiming for a unique and strong brand image

How can you stand out from the competition? How can you get the trust of potential customers? A brand image both unique and strong can surely help. First, you must keep in mind that online store designs are often simple. Do not use more than three main colors or two different fonts in order to maintain balance. Moreover, display your logo in the header and on all relevant places (email campaigns, social media, footer). Your brand image must represent the strength and values of your business at a glance.

In sum, you must use the elements of your brand everywhere to create consistency. This way, people will be able to recognize your online store easily. If you need any inspiration, do not hesitate to take a look at online stores created with WebSelf.  

Not taking the time to write a FAQ

How can you convince potential customers to buy on your website? First, you must get their trust and convince them that you have a credible online store. Also, you must answer all questions your potential customers could have; if they do not have all the information they need, they will probably not purchase anything. Consequently, take the time to write a Frequently Asked Questions section since it is an important element of your online store. For example, a customer could decide not to purchase because they do not find the information regarding the shipping or the refunds. 

A FAQ should include all the information regarding the shipping, the returns, the refunds, the payment methods, and the contact info. You can add to this list all the relevant information regarding your products. You might have to include new information if your clients always have the same questions. Furthermore, all your online store’s products should have a complete description that answers all potential customers' questions (size, materials, how to use it, etc.)

Not presenting your products with beautiful pictures

We know we said it a hundred times, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Consequently, if you want to have sales, it is critical to have beautiful photos or visuals. Often, you need more than a picture per product. Indeed, it is recommended that you have a few, in different angles or distances. But where do we start? If you do not have the budget to work with a photograph yet, know that it is possible to capture professional photos. Look for natural light, stabilize yourself, try various angles and framings, and edit your pictures if necessary.

Also, why not use your best photos of your products on social media? Platforms like Instagram or Pinterest can surely help you improve the traffic to your online store.

Not taking the time to optimize your online store for search engines

As you might already know, it is essential to optimize your website for search engines. It is the same thing for your online store. Take the time to write a title tag and meta description for your online store’s homepage, but also for all your products pages. Think about using relevant keywords related to your target audience, and do not forget to add links on your social media pages to your website. The more there will be links to your online store, the more it will be considered credible for Google.

On WebSelf’s online store manager, you can complete all the SEO parameters to customize how it will appear on search engines when you create a product. The title tag should have less than 70 characters and meta descriptions less than 250.

Not using call-to-action buttons

When you create your online store, the sale process must be as simple as possible. In only a few clicks, we must be able to buy the product. To achieve this, call-to-action buttons can be interesting tools. On your product page, we should find at least one call-to-action button to allow the potential customer to access the next step.

Regarding call-to-action buttons, they must be short and specific. In a few words, they must indicate the action that will happen if we click. Regarding online stores, terms like Add to cart, Book, or Buy are often used.

Not displaying testimonials on your online store

Here is another way to convince potential customers: display testimonials of past clients directly on your website. Most of the time, if we do not know the online store, we might be more reluctant to purchase something. This is why customer reviews can be useful. It can make a huge difference, especially at the beginning.

But how can you get these customer reviews? First, you can activate the comments on Facebook or Google My Business. You can also send an email a few days after the purchase to ask if the products met the expectations and if your client wants to leave a comment. Of course, it is critical not to invent these testimonials since it directly impacts your credibility and integrity! You can then display these customer reviews on your online store’s homepage or product pages. Moreover, a module to collect comments is now available on WebSelf’s website builder.  

In conclusion, make sure we can easily find all the necessary information regarding your products and keep it simple. Your online store pages should be refined, and the focus should be on the pictures. Now that you have an idea of the mistakes to avoid when creating your online store, here are some tips on promoting your business on the web!